10 Ways to become more charismatic

10 Ways to become more charismatic
10 Ways to become more charismatic

You might also have noticed that some people look completely different from others. They look like a channel of energy passing their positive vibes and energy to others people too. Saying would not wrong that they do look completely unique. And most of us mistaken thinking that they might have blessed with some God gifts to have that charismatic personality. Have you ever thought what actually make them that way much different? What vibes actually they do hold? Let’s understand in a deep manner. 10 Ways to become more charismatic

Charismatic Personality and More

10 Ways to become more charismatic
10 Ways to become more charismatic

Most of us think that some people are born with some charismatic characters. But there is nothing like this, since everyone is capable of developing charisma and this fact cannot be ignored. It does not matter what is all about your personality, by practicing some traits you can really transform your personality into the good one. You need to follow them and it will truly make your behavior great and noticeable. You would get developed the magnetic, trustworthy, and influential traits in your personality. And here we are going to talk about this in a discreet manner.

People with charismatic personality have got the powers of ruling a conversation. They are quite intellectual and light up the room with their talking ability and communication handling skills. Charismatic people can impact people in a positive manner and smartly build and maintain relationships10 Ways to become more charismatic

Their intelligence and adequacy can make people feel better and more appropriate about them. Everyone enjoys the company of such poised personalities and wants to be around them. No one is born with a charismatic appeal; people grab and develop these valuable qualities during their learning phase of life. Anyone can be charismatic with daily practice of brushing their skills. 10 Ways to become more charismatic

10 Ways to become more charismatic

  1. Regulate your nerves: Always remain calm and composed while speaking in public. People with high charisma speak confidently and do not show any nervousness. They have the quality of overcoming nervousness with boldness. Be determined and speak up with all the courage you have got. Use props to express yourself better and to let go your pressure. This will help in managing your nerves.
  • First, do stop whatever you are doing. Take a break. Stop thinking about that thing made you frustrated. Do something what you love and what can make you at peace. For example, you may go ahead for listening your favorite song, having favorite drink and so on. 10 Ways to become more charismatic
  • Start focusing on your senses. When we do get stressed, our body start reacting in different way. Chances are high that stress can make you breathe rapidly, feeling so tired and so on. To get over all this, you should start focusing on your senses. It will make you at peace and calm from inside so you would get able to understand the thing in a right way. 10 Ways to become more charismatic
  • You may also go ahead for doing some exercise. This way is quite helpful to distract your attention from the real thing as well as it is good for your body too. 10 Ways to become more charismatic
  • Apart from it, there is one greater way to get you back to normal. What you need to do is imagine a 10 times bigger problem than you are currently in. This way surely brings you at peace.
  1. Attentive Listening: A charismatic person is acknowledged for the ability to listen. Maintain eye contact and sustain your smile, frown and respond by nodding not verbally. Keep your stuff away when you are involved in a communication. Do not check your phone, or glance at something else. Do not make other person left out not even for a moment. You can never attach to the person if you are involved in your stuff only. It took a lot to be an active listener as good listeners are hard to find. So, a charismatic person is a great listener that makes you feel important and value your thoughts. 10 Ways to become more charismatic
  • “Presence” is the most important thing when it comes about charisma. Saying would not wrong that it pretty much closer to confidence. When you get engaged with others, it makes you known for them.
  • When you listen to others, it makes others known that they are having your complete attention. Without confidence, it would not get possible. Without having confidence, you would seem like either you are a shy person or uninterested in others. 10 Ways to become more charismatic
  • With presence, you do not look like overconfident anymore. People find you the one who is ready to welcome others. This thing makes other people notice you. 10 Ways to become more charismatic
  • Saying would not wrong that the art of presence also highlight the most important thing if you are looking forward to go ahead to develop your charisma. It is all about your and it is only you who should learn the way to deal with this. 10 Ways to become more charismatic
  1. Be engaging and relatable: It is important to engage yourself in the conversation. Relate yourself to the person(s) in the conversation and try to make relatable stories or share your experience on the topic. Try to adopt the common ground by asking the right form of questions. Do not speak only about yourself, give importance to others. Keeping the audience engaged in the conversation is very hard to achieve. Only a person of magnetism personality can do that. 10 Ways to become more charismatic
  • Always do conversation right from the core of the heart. It should not look like you are doing just like that. You need to be completely in the situation. 10 Ways to become more charismatic
  • Keep increasing your knowledge day-by-day. The more you know the more topics you would have to make you’re saying and kicking off an interesting conversation.
  • Give fair chance to everyone who wishes to get indulged in the conversation. Do not let it go one-person go. Let engaged more and more people into the conversation. 10 Ways to become more charismatic
  1. Talk about your Intensity: Choose the right topic to rule over the conversation. A topic of less interest can keep your energy level low. Be smart and change the topic in your favour in a brainy way. The topic of your interest helps to keep your nerves in control. You can speak confidently and effortlessly without any obstacle. A confident speaker always inspires the audience. Boost up your morale as confidence helps a lot in overcoming your fears and gives all the courage you need. Whenever you talk, do it with a enthusiasm, confidence and happiness. It should look like you are really interested to continue it. The listener or the person you are having conversation should let feel that you are passionate about it. Talking about the charismatic people, they always do understand the value of this point and always do follow this.
  2. Have a Humour: A good sense of humor is the most important attribute in a charismatic person. Quality to keep the conversation funny and make the other person laugh is rare to find. Combination of brains with humor is one of the best traits of a personality. If you have this capability you have all the potential to impress others.
  • Must say this is another important thing to keep in mind that developing humor can also help you in a great way. You have to learn more effectively when you immerse yourself in a subject. The more you get into the depth, the more you come up with great ideas. You should also go ahead to watch standup comedians. You should understand their joke and the way they amuse you. The more you listen, the more you also get creative in this regarding. 10 Ways to become more charismatic
  • Keep doing creative work or the activities that stimulate you right from the core of the heart. Getting indulged with the creative work also makes you understand many things that you cannot learn through books etc. Do try to create the group of witty people around you and when you have a conversation with them, you will learn a lot. 10 Ways to become more charismatic
  • Apart from it, do not forget to praise the people surrounding you for their work, efforts, dressing sense if you find them on the point and worth to applaud. It brings people close to you and good relationship get build up,
  1. Be prepared for any situation: Being confident while speaking is not the only approach to be charismatic. You should have the ability to adapt the situation. Keep yourself to the current news and trends and don’t hesitate to ask if you don’t understand something. People can ask any type of questions, the way you handle them is of major concern. Keep yourself open to any nature of the situation and people will surely be at your side.
  • The awkward situation can transpire anywhere without any prior notice because of some unhealthy consequences. For example, what if you have forgotten someone’s name, it is really tough to handle. To get out of this situation, you may go ahead to pretend like you have just forgotten the last name.
  • What if you are in a party with some stranger and there is some awkward silence in between of conversation making the situation a bit weirder. To get rid of this unwanted situation, you should go ahead for discussing some general topics. 10 Ways to become more charismatic
  • The charismatic people staunchly believe in looking forward for the solutions of the issues. If they are assigned with the lazy coworker in respect of any assignment, they know that how to handle that. Instead of getting frustrated, they would love to discuss all about the work clearly with the coworker. They may discuss with the lazy coworker about the strategy of the plan and would like to encourage them for accomplish the task following the desired speed. If you get learned to stay normal even in the tough situation, this thing will seriously help you to get understand more and being loved by many. Moreover, you would not get in trouble. You would get to know that how to handle the situation. 10 Ways to become more charismatic
  1. Be genuinely interested: You should be honest while talking to others and remain truly interested in the communication. Listen carefully before asking any question, this brings more deepness and knowledge. Be polite and talk about your screw-ups, always accept your mistakes and learn from them. Do not hesitate to laugh at yourself whenever required. In this way, other people don’t laugh at you, they will laugh with you. Such qualities always attract people and they want to stay more around you. Your honest and funny nature reflects in the conversation and makes the communication more genuine and intense.
  2. Choose your temperament and words: Words you choose while communicating lays a great impact on the listener. They build a particular image of yours in their mind and that will remain with them for long. Everyone wants to be a companion of a cheerful, optimistic and enthusiastic person. For example, you don’t have to watch the news, you have to know what is going on around you and you don’t have to go to the party, you have to go for enjoyment and fun. So, the attitude you develop and the words you select can make others mood better about yourself and this makes you feel much better.
  3. Try to give more than receive: Do not think about your fulfilment, try to give as much as you can, knowingly that you may never receive. Giving is the best feeling and only way to build a real acquaintance and association. Offer help whenever needed and enrich the lives of people around you. Concentrate on the betterment of the person and do whatever it takes to make the person better. Your genuine help increases your value to the other person. 10 Ways to become more charismatic
  • Yes, this is the point that you can find in many charismatic people. They always do believe the best to do for others. They do not expect that what they would get in return.
  • They always make sure that they would become the reason for many people’s happiness and for this, they keep putting the best efforts in.
  • If you have also been trying to put the best things to add your character, you should go ahead for this. This way will seriously bring the major benefits to you. This does not only bring happiness to you but also make others happy too. So, this is another feature that you should surely add to your personality to rule over many hearts.
  1. Praise others: In today’s fast-paced life everyone is busy and no one has time for anyone. Praising others has likely come to an end. No one receives decent praise and nobody tells anyone that what they did better. But, praising others is not much difficult; you don’t have to grab lots of strength for it. Just take a lead and praise others for their good things. It is absolutely effortless and you can make others feel more important and accomplished.
  • The power of encouraging others cannot be ignored at any rate. It is one of the best things to go. It is known that everyone love to get praised be it your spouses, extended family, colleagues, customers, or even your boss, they all love to get recognized for the work that they or for the efforts they put in to pull the deal.
  • According to the experts, whenever we hear something we love, it leads to releasing a kind of chemical known as dopamine. And this chemical is all about good feelings like joy, pride, well-being, and satisfaction. At the time of praising someone, you need to make sure that you are choosing the right words and intentions so that the receiver would also feel that you are doing the genuine praising and it would not misinterpret later.
  • Everyone wishes to get praised and when you follow this, it makes you know that why praising other helps to cement the good relationship and healthy business relationship.
  • Talking about the major other benefits are that it also releases the same chemicals in your mind too. It means you would also have the benefits of this thing.

It is not too late for anyone to be a more radiant person. Some people instantly make us feel important and special, so, be like one of them. Introduce these qualities in you and you are the person that everyone wants to be with. These little things can change your complete personality and brings more confidence and passion to speak in public.


Developing a charismatic personality is absolutely not a tough call at all. What you need to do is just start thinking in a different way. Go ahead for recreating yourself putting your heart too. Do love yourself and the way you are. Believe in yourself that you can do and follow that point. What do you think about this, do not forget to share all about this to us.

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