Know the signs of Mental Illness in your teens

9 Know the signs of Mental Illness in your teens
9 Know the signs of Mental Illness in your teens

Well, the mental illness in children can be hard, especially for parents to identify it. It is even more difficult to identify and it is impossible to differentiate normal teenage behavior compared with other symptoms like anxiety and depression. As a result, most of the teenagers cannot benefit from treatment than they should actually get. Therefore the parents should understand the warning signs of mental illness in their team children so that they will have the scope to help them from the initial stage itself. 9 Know the signs of Mental Illness in your teens

Know the signs of Mental Illness in your teens

9 Know the signs of Mental Illness in your teens
9 Know the signs of Mental Illness in your teens

Feeling sad and depressed often

The teens always experience different things which make the sad, happy, anxiety and depressed.  Sometimes they burst out in tears for no reason. Each of the symptoms is the biggest indicator for the parents to understand that they have the mental disorder. Some of that teenagers also struggle with undiagnosed depression, and they even suffer in silence. In order to help them in these situations, a proper treatment should be accommodated to them from time to time. If it is not treated at the right time, then there are many choices that way you don’t need to risk like suicide, addiction or anything which makes them feel relaxed. 9 Know the signs of Mental Illness in your teens

Preoccupied with something on the other

Undoubtedly, this is one of the crucial stages where teenagers get addicted to many things. As it is an impulsive stage and they may also face some difficult situations and have the wrong perception. Love and relationships are the most unexpected, devastating circumstances that happen to every teenager. This might be threatening them feeling that they are preoccupied with something sort of feelings. Some of the reoccurring attempts can be the potential clues indicating that the teen is mentally disturbed. In fact, threats are one of the biggest signs, ignoring even a small thing can make a huge difference. 9 Know the signs of Mental Illness in your teens

If they are hostile, aggressive or violent

Even though it looks natural that teenagers often feel aggressive and depressed at some point in time this may be the biggest sign indicating that they require serious attention. When they get disturbed frequently or regularly, then they should be considered that there is something wrong with them. The situations may lead them to take advantage of negative aspects to come into their life. This happens only if there is a serious problem at college or workplace or maybe some other factors like getting addicted to drugs, alcohol, etc., However, consulting a therapist can be beneficial for the teenagers so that they can know how to balance the life at the right stage.

Behavioral mood changes

The mood swings have the major influence on the mental condition of the youngsters. Even though this is common things for every person, but their mood swings tend to break the limits. Above all, they are notorious for being moody that may be simply due to the hormonal changes or any other situations. The mood fluctuations are not simply restricted to one particular reason that we can be true to lots of situations that are happening in the day to day life. Even stressed can be killing a monster or any other issues can make them lose their mental stability.

Addicted to alcohol or drugs

In order to overcome any situations in their life they often get addicted to alcohol or drugs. These addictions in the adolescence stage may have the negative impact on their life. The teenagers may just start for the sake of fun which made you usually ruin their life. To cope up with the mental disorders, they even start taking drugs and alcohol, which are termed as self-medication. They consider that this type of addictions is harmless and they even got it. This is an easy trigger that helps people to identify that they are mentally unbalanced.

Change in the physical appearance

You might be surprised that the change in the physical appearance like weight, the way in which they are dressed up, and eating habits can also make the parents indicate that there is something wrong with their children. Some external pressure from the society like being thin or beautiful, attractive can also disturb their mental strength. Eating disorder, as well as body dysmorphic disorder (BDD), get interrupted, giving a clear indication that they need special care and attention mentally. 9 Know the signs of Mental Illness in your teens

If they have experienced trauma recently

Traumatic events are common in human life. But these situations, especially in teenagers, maybe little bit crucial. They need to have strong support externally so that they can get rid of the situation soon. Because these situations are often difficult to cope up very quickly. The traumatic event will have the drastic impact in their life that needs to be focused with lots of care and attention. If the teenager is often refusing to speak with people, feeling sad, depressed and avoiding people then they require some serious treatment.

Anxiety disorders or fearful

The adolescence stage of an experience some anxiety disorders or fearful situations. These problematic situations may happen at any instant of time. However, an abuse onset can often be triggered by some abnormal incidence. Anxiety may sometimes irritate making them feel fear even for silly reasons. It will create some sort of weird experiences which make them feel nervous and thanks even if they see animals like dogs and cats. So they highly required attention from the people who can support them mentally. 9 Know the signs of Mental Illness in your teens

Difficulty in concentrating

Some of the teenagers also experience difficulty concentrating or taking appropriate decisions. It seems to be signs of trouble focusing or sitting still both of them has an equal impact on the teenagers. They eventually lose their concentration power not knowing what to do in a particular situation. This will make them feel mad and disturb their mind where they lose peace of mind. 9 Know the signs of Mental Illness in your teens

What About The Some Other Concerning Behaviors?

  • If your kid is not very much interested in enjoying or spending time with the family, it shows that something is going on in her/his mind that you need to know. 9 Know the signs of Mental Illness in your teens
  • If you observe there is any significant decrease in school performance while he/she used to be good at academics. 9 Know the signs of Mental Illness in your teens
  • Did you ever notice that if your kid keeps making the excuses or sometimes does oppose so strongly for not attending school? If there is something like this, you need to pay attention so quickly.
  • If you notice that your kids are having the problems with memory, attention or not able to do concentration on work. 9 Know the signs of Mental Illness in your teens
  • Did you notice any huge changes in your kids regarding the energy levels, eating habits or sleeping patterns? Yes!!! This can also indicate towards that your kids may have to go through some issues.
  • Physical symptoms like stomach aches, headaches, backaches can also cause due to mental illness.
  • Never ignore if you find your kids talking so hopelessly, feeling sadness, experiencing anxiety or crying often. These are another symptom your kid is going through.
  • Moreover, frequent aggression, disobedience or lashing out verbally should also not be avoided.
  • Apart from it, excessive neglect of personal appearance or hygiene also indicates towards the mental illness.

Talking to your teen about your concerns

If you have major concerns about your teen’s behavior and moods, it is very important to have a conversation with him or her about it. Try to identify specific concerns, i.e., “I’ve noticed that you haven’t really been going out much lately and you don’t answer the phone when your friends call.” Or “I can’t help but notice that you haven’t been eating much at dinner and your stomach aches have been getting worse.” Your teen will most likely not want to talk about it but give him or her enough space and time to respond. Let him or she knows that you are there to help and that you can work out the difficulties together. Seek help from a family doctor or local CLSC, who can evaluate your child and offer the appropriate services. 9 Know the signs of Mental Illness in your teens

  • It is never easy to start a conversation with someone with mental illness, but the following tips offer a way to lessen tension during the discussion.
  • first, make sure that you are going to holding enough space since you need to speak or have a conversation in a calm way with a soft voice.
  • Another thing is that you need to understand that what you mean and you also need to be prepared to listen what feedback comes. You need to speak less and listen more to understand your kid and feel that pain or anxiety that he is suffering from.
  • Make sure that while you and your kids are having a conversation, no interruptions would be done by another person.
  • Apart from it, do not judge your kid while having a conversation. Make sure that you would avoid sarcasm, whining, threats, and yell. You will listen to your kids with the patience and love. You need to take him/her in trust that you are going to support.
  • At the time of conversation, you need to be very calm as your kid might feel vulnerable and unsafe. You need to let him/her understand that you are with her/him. You are not going to leave him in mid-of-the-situation. You will support him/her and you will always be with him/her throughout the time. You would not make personal attacks or be demeaning.
  • While having a conversation, you do not need to go with perception like you your answer is the only answer. Possibilities are that your kid might have different perception or opinion. You need to continue the conversation understand his/her point of view. You are not going to feel him/her awakened during the conversation.
  • Apart from it, make sure that you are going to use these two words like “always” or “never” while having a conversation. These two words can work magically to trust your kid on you in a great way.
  • While you are having a conversation, you need to keep one thing in mind that you are not going to judge your kid on the basis of past. But you are going to have a conversation and the suggestion on basis of “now.”

Never Stop Conversation With Your Kids

You need to understand that you kids badly need your support. You are not going to stop having a conversation with your kids irrespective the situation. What you can do if you experience that situation is beyond your control.

  • In case, if you find that conversation is going in another direction and it seems to get heated, take a break. Maintain silence for a moment and make yourself at peace. And decide to come back to the discussion later once you both find yourself in peace.
  • Sometimes, it is “ok” to allow another person to get into the conversation as it helps to keep the conversation healthy. The third party can play a crucial role as a mediator that understands both sides and keep continuing the conversation in a healthy way. The third party should be reliable on which both parties can do trust. It would right be right if the third party is very much closed to the kids since they can easily get open with them.
  • For parents, this is very much important to understand from the kid’s point of view. Keep remembering that once you were a kid. The same thing would also happen to you. What if it happened with your kid, you need to be his/her support system as you would have expected from your kid.
  • Kids also need to understand that do not mind if your parents get hyper on you. They always want good for you. And they might get hyped or angry since they are having enough experience about life and they know the stakes are high.
  • The last thing is that you both need to understand that you are in this together and you both are for each-other. You both would remain truthful to each-other during a tough time.

Teenage And Parents

We are living in the world where everything has digitalized. Half of the time, kids do spend on mobile, laptop etc. They are less connected with parents because of getting indulged in superficial things. On the other hand, parents are very much in the job, career success etc. and this creates a gap in between kids and parents. This lead towards vulnerability, insecurity, getting an emotional week and so on. When kids go through any issues in their life, they do not understand that with whom they should share. Who can bring them out of this dilemma, if there is someone that can help them to get over this and so on? Parents need to understand that their kids are their prime responsibility.

The fact cannot be ignored that teenage years are the toughest time for kids and parents both at the same time. Kids keep thinking like they are mature enough to understand the life and tackle their life in a great way. On the other hand, parents do think like kids are not obeying them. Whenever they do have a conversation with them, it turns to the heated argument and then there is a pause on conversation. This is the very crucial stage and need to handle so carefully. 9 Know the signs of Mental Illness in your teens

What Should You Do?

Everyone loves their kids as they are beautiful gift to the parents. No one can deny this fact. This is so heartwrencing to see them in trouble. when it come about mental illness, most of parents do try to hide or ignored it thinking with the time the issue will go away. But this is not a thing to take is so easy. Being a parents, you need to be a bit extra careful. If you have noticed any of the above-mentioned things and you are very much concerned regarding your child’s mental health, you need to take appointment to doctor without making any late. Another thing you need to do is keep in touch with your kid’s teacher, close friends or loved ones, or other caregivers as they can really help to know more about the behavior or other subtle things. These subtle things can also really help to doctor to make sure that the treatment is going in a right way. Though it can the tough time for kids and parents both at the same time, the thing can easily be handled with patience and love. The fact cannot be ignored that your kids need your support throughout the situation. The more you give love, the more you give support, the more you give compassion, the more healthy relationship you would share with your kids. And it would help your kids to have the best emotional support to get over this situation.


Even though adolescence is the stage where the youth start feeling interesting, excited and is the most challenging periods of the life. It is obvious that few people may stay in perpetual company restricted to their emotional abilities and they know how to balance them. But for others, it’s quite difficult, so the symptoms mentioned about will surely help the parents to identify mental illness in their children.

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