10 ways women can stay safe while traveling alone

10 ways women can stay safe while traveling alone
10 ways women can stay safe while traveling alone

Being a woman means you have to think twice before doing anything. But if you are smart enough, life would not be tough for you. We are here to tell you how to tackles the thing if you are going to travel alone. Since we love to be part of your life and that is why doggedly engaged to bring the new things in front of you. Here, we are going to pay attention over the above mentioned point. 10 ways women can stay safe while traveling alone

10 ways women can stay safe while traveling alone

10 ways women can stay safe while traveling alone
10 ways women can stay safe while traveling alone
  • Do Not Be Appear You Are Alone – We understand it makes you a bit scary from inside but you must not let it clearly express on your face. Be strong enough and pretend as you are with someone else or you know everything about the route. It makes others that you are not alone and they would not think to cheat you ever.
  • You Must Know Where You Are Going – If you are going to travel a unknown place which you have not visited earlier, you must hold some enough knowledge. Apart from it, you must have knowledge about the travel route you are going to follow. Have a map in your bag. If you are going hire a rental car then do not avoid the marked map of the route. Use your GPS map. 10 ways women can stay safe while traveling alone
  • Have some Important things In Your Bag – Since you are going alone, do not forget to add some important things in your bag like chili powder, spray and a small knife. These all thing makes you feel a bit safer as you have something to use to defend yourself. Make sure that these should be in your bag so you can bring them quickly out when need. Do not place them in your bag at a place, so you have to confront a lot of trouble to find them out. Have them uppers side of the bag or put them in small pockets.
  • Are You Sure You Choose The Right Accommodation – Before finalizing anything you must hold great knowledge if the locality you are going to stay is good or not. Do not go for staying at a place that you find a bit weird. There is a wide array of hotels available and some are available at the reasonable prices. But you must not choose the hotel considering its price but your safety. Make sure you are going to stay in a hotel must be surrounding with the market so you will feel safe and comfortable. Before choosing, you may discuss with your friends and someone who keeps travelling on. 10 ways women can stay safe while traveling alone
  • Install the Safety Oriented Apps – We are living in the technology world where you have a wide array of application. Moreover, safety apps are also available. You may install them to feel good. The features varies app to app. You need to install the one which feature you like and wish to have. In this context, you can be a bit more technical. You can install them in your phone not only for the purpose that you are going to embark on a journey but for normal safety purpose too. 10 ways women can stay safe while traveling alone
  • What To Keep In Mind While Staying At Hotel – Though you have found your favorite hotel, but taking care of yourself is your duty. What you need to keep in your mind have been mentioned below.
  1. First, never sign in with your initial name since it makes you get easily noticed. You may register yourself as Ms. And the last name. 10 ways women can stay safe while traveling alone
  2. You must keep a visiting card of hotel having name, address, phone number etc. In case, if you go out or wish to inform your closed one, this card will be helpful to get you out of the dilemma.
  3. If you are going out, but do not let it others know then keep your TV or radio on so the passers will think there is someone inside. 10 ways women can stay safe while traveling alone
  • Be Aware From New Friends – If you may find someone quite interesting knowing you, make sure that you are not telling everything true. Instead of getting into heated arguments, try to avoid in a polite manner. Since you are alone, you are not allowed to take any sort of risk. Do accept any drink from the new friend as it may lead you towards trouble. So, just be aware and maintain a safe stand.
  • Have a Portable Charger – Our phone is everything for us this time and we cannot go without it. In case, if you are going out and have a low battery mobile, do not take risk. You must keep a portable charger to make sure your phone would not be got discharged. Apart from it, keep your loved one informing about your location. It makes sure that your loved one know where you are. Having portable charger means you can charge your phone when you want whether it is in metro, café or etc.
  • Have A Softcopy of your all travel documents – Yup!!!! This is another thing on the list and you must ignore it. Make sure that you have clicked the photos of your travel documents. First, you do not have to need to carry your travel documents everywhere since it becomes a headache. The second thing, you would not get any trouble as you have soft copy to show. You can send it to anyone and anywhere within no time. It keeps you away to get into any trouble. 10 ways women can stay safe while traveling alone
  • Have Confidence – This is the most important thing that you must not ignore. You must have confidence to get embarked on a lovely journey. The best thing is that when you go out, you should be confident. Do not look confused or hesitate. Speak in a firm voice so the one in front of you would not get what is going on inside you. This is the key point that you must circumvent at any rate. 10 ways women can stay safe while traveling alone

So, what are you contemplating now? Do not forget to share your feedback with us. We are here to listen. If you have already done this alone then we also wish to know from you as it will also help others.
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