9 Impressive health benefits of Green Tea

9 Impressive health benefits of Green Tea
Green Tea

Owing to very low levels of caffeine content contained in green tea, it is a much healthier beverage option when compared to coffee, carbonated drinks and other varieties of tea. Green tea is also known to possess polyphenols which is a natural antioxidant with amazing properties and lots of other nutrients as well.

9 Impressive health benefits of Green Tea
Green tea

Considering the number and quality of benefits green tea has, it would not be an exaggeration to call it as the healthiest beverage available on earth. This is also the reason it has become exceptionally popular the world over. After you have known all the health benefits of green tea, you will surely make a habit of drinking it daily.

So here are the 9 most amazing benefits of green tea:

  1. Helps weight loss – Researches have shown that obesity has become the greatest challenge for the entire world these days. Green tea increases metabolic rate of the body and burns fat very fast. It also suppresses craving for food and helps in detoxification of body.
  2. Reduces cholesterol – High cholesterol levels in the body can be reason to heart related ailments. Tannins contained in green tea are known to lower cholesterol levels in the body thus ensuring a good heart health.
  3. Healthful skin – We already know that green tea has plenty of antioxidants. These antioxidants also do a great job in giving us a healthy and glowing skin. Applying cold green tea preparation on skin works great to reduce skin ageing, treatment of rashes, cuts, blemishes and sun burns. Green tea is also a popular component of herbal cosmetics.
  4. Stronger hair – Green tea contains Vitamins C, E and polyphenols in abundance that vitalize hair growth, makes them softer and shinier and prevents dandruff. Dip 3-4 green tea bags in half a liter of water and use it to rinse your hair after a shampoo to experience a gleam in your hair you would have never seen before.
  5. Controls blood pressure and diabetes – Natural antioxidants present in green tea constrain secretion of alpha-glucosidase, an enzyme causing diabetes of type II. Green tea also crushes the angiotensin 1-converting enzyme leading to controlled levels of blood pressure.
  6. Reduces risks of many types of cancers – Unchecked growth of cells is the main cause of cancer causing large number of deaths worldwide. Development of cancer is triggered by oxidative damage which can effectively be controlled by having green tea.
  7. Reduces stress and depression – Green tea is one of the super foods that can help you fight stress and depression. Theanine is a type of amino acid contained in green tea which helps to combat stress, anxiety and depression.
  8. Remedy for common stomach disorders – Green tea also has abilities to destroy bacteria which not only makes it a great antiseptic but also an amazing home remedy to get rid of common stomach disorders.
  9. Ensures longevity – Who is born is bound to die someday. But researches have shown that those who have a habit of drinking green tea live longer and healthier, obviously because of the numerous health benefits that green tea has. Green tea reduces formation of free radicals in our body which cause aging and many diseases. Moreover, it helps to keep your body and brains more active in old age.

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