Adventure – Himachal Pradesh

Adventures in Himachal Pradesh
Adventures in Himachal Pradesh

The people who are enthusiastic towards life and never wishing to let it go without doing adventure, always love to check out all kinds of relevant knowledge to pamper their curiosity regarding Adventure.Adventures in Himachal Pradesh

Adventure – Himachal Pradesh

And guys!!! There is a time to cheer-up as this blog is fully stuffed with the spicy and cool information that how can you make your vacation memorable doing a number of adventures. Adventure – Himachal Pradesh

The Connection Between Adventure And Himachal

Himachal Pradesh has always a favourite of many. In vacation, a number of families, friends or even employer come with their employees to get relaxed and rejuvenate their energy. Since Himachal Pradesh is blessed with immense beauty of nature, no one can control himself/herself to try something new. Adventure – Himachal Pradesh

In Himachal Pradesh, you get a number of chances to go beyond your normal life. When you do something adventurous, you come to know what exactly life is all about. And I must say if you are going to schedule a visit to Himachal Pradesh, you must not skip these adventures which I am going to explore here. So, if you are ready to know all about them? If yes!!! Then let’s go ahead. Adventure – Himachal Pradesh

Why Himachal Pradesh Is Considered Perfect For The Fun Lovers

Though there are many places in India to visit, but no one can be compared with Himachal Pradesh as it holds a wide range of sports activities for the fun seekers. The snow covered peaks will make you fall in love with itself. You will not feel bore here. Right From Heli-skiing, anglings, water rafting to biking and much more are available to enjoy.

Adventure Sports Activities Organized in Himachal

Every year a plethora of sport activities are organized in Himachal for the enthusiastic. Here, we are citing about these activities and their location. Let’s have a look. Adventure – Himachal Pradesh

  1. Angling: – Angling holds a number of places in Himachal Pradesh like Rohru in the Pabbar valley (Shimla), Gobind Sagar near Bilaspur and Tirthan Valley (Great Himalayan National Park).
    Adventure – Himachal Pradesh
  2. Para Gliding :- Para Gliding will make you ooze with great excitement and for enjoying it you can go for Bundla Dhar Near Bilaspur, Bir-Billing in Kangra and Solang valley Near Manali. Many of you may not know but Himachal Pradesh is considered Paragliding Capital Of India. Kangra district is quite popular among the visitors who love Paragliding. Adventure – Himachal Pradesh
    Adventure – Himachal Pradesh
    Para Gliding
  3. Trekking: – Between Shimla and Kullu, Lahaul & Spiti Valley and Dhauladhar and Pir Panjal ranges are widely popular for Trekking and every year it gets a number of footfall. No need to muddle about your budget as it is affordable. It is not too amazing that there are 270 trekking trails in Himachal. The good thing is that it is quite affordable. June to September is considered best to go for Bara To Bhangal Trek, Pink Parvati Trek, Kinnaur To Kailas Trek, Spiti To Garhwal Trek and Barmour To Padum Trek Adventure – Himachal Pradesh
    Adventure – Himachal Pradesh
  4. Skiing :- It is one of the most sought-after adventurous things and very popular among the visitors. For enjoying skiing, you may head to Solang Valley, Narkanda and Kufri. Adventure – Himachal Pradesh
    Adventure – Himachal Pradesh
  5. River Rafting – It is organised as various places like Ravi near Chamba, Bias River Manali, Spiti River in Spiti valley, Sutlej near Shimla and Chandra in Lahaul. If you have a great inclination towards River Rafting, then you must not skip it. Water Sport stands for a number of activities like Water Skiing, Canoeing, Rowing, River Rafting and Canoeing. The excitement cannot be enjoyed through words.
    Adventure – Himachal Pradesh
  6. Mounting Cycling: – You can go for mounting cycling at Kangra, Bilaspur and Hamirpur.
    Adventure – Himachal Pradesh
    Mountain Cycling
  7. Ice Skating: – For Ice Skating, Shimla is perfect to head. Every year a number of people come Himachal only for enjoying Skating. Adventure – Himachal Pradesh
    Adventure – Himachal Pradesh
    Ice skating
  8. Mountaineering: – Jorkanden, Rangrik Rang, Shilla and Reo Purgyil are the prominent places which is quite popular for Rock Climbing and Mountaineering. Adventure – Himachal Pradesh
  9. Vehicle Safari: – It is also popular among the fun lovers and they are easily available in Shimla, Manali and Lahaul. Adventure – Himachal Pradesh
    Adventures inHimachal Pradesh
    Vehicle safari
  10. Camping: – To enjoy Camping, you may go for Dalhouse, Dharmshala and Kullu-Manali. Riversides, open lands and forest are perfect for camping. Chail in Shimal, Sangal Valley and Tabo in Spiti is considered some of the best places for camping. There is a great news for the camping lovers that various types of camping projects are organised by government and private sector both like Kalpa in Kinnaur, Kazza in Spiti, Sangla in Kinnaur, Sarchu in Lahaul, Kullu, Manali and Dalhousie. Adventure – Himachal Pradesh
    Adventure in Himachal Pradesh
  11. Still Water Sports –The Pandoh Lake on the Mandi-Manali highway, Gobind Sagar Lake Near Bilaspur and Chamera Lake Near Dalhousie are the prominent place where it is organised. All the water sports lovers are welcome at these places. Adventure – Himachal Pradesh
    Still water sports
  12. Motorcyclist: – Since the roads of Himachal Pradesh are endless, they are very popular among the fun seekers like paddlers and motorcyclist. Manali-Leh Route and Lahual-Spiti Route are the prominent two routes. You may go here in between July to September as it is the best time. Adventure – Himachal Prade
  13. Heli Skiing: – When it comes about adventure, it is not fair to avoid Heli-Skiing. If you wish to dare then you may go for higher level place like Rohtang Pass, Hanuman Tibba, Chandrakhani Pass and Deo Tibba.
  14. Zorbing: – It is a new kind of adventure sport and quite famous among the visitors. It is kind of transparent ball in which individual goes inside and this ball shape balloon are rolling down from a hill slope. For enjoying it, you must step in Solang Valley in Manali. Adventure – Himachal Pradesh

Not only the above mentioned, but the list is quite long including Rappelling, Rock Climbing, Ice Skating, Hang Gliding, Mountain Biking etc. Adventure – Himachal Pradesh

So, if you are set to enjoy all of them? If you enjoy any of them in Himachal Pradesh? How was your experience? If you do you have something great to share with us then do not forget to drop a mail as we are waiting here.

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