Are you both working,Keep in mind following things

Are you both working,Keep in mind following things
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The price of goods are hiking day by day and the salary of one is not enough to run the house. It is one of the most prominent reasons, which push both of you to get engaged with the job. Here, we are going to share the factors, which you must in keep in mind. Are you both working,Keep in mind following things

Are you both working,Keep in mind following things

Are you both working,Keep in mind following things
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What Is all about the communication

Yes!!! If you have been paying attention over this factor called communication or not? When we get engaged with the job, it becomes hard to spare time to spend with the family and kids. And you must not let go this factor thinking that it does not work. You just need to go in the depth of this point. Are you both working,Keep in mind following things

Let’s understand it in a discreet manner. Actually, when you communicate with your family and kids, it creates a kind of amazing atmosphere around you. Whether you find less time or enough time, never underestimate the power of communication. When you are in office, make a call to your kids and parents to make them realize that you are around and available whenever they need. If it is possible then take breakfast and dinner at the same table.

Never stop talking

Our daily life has become very busy and that is why we do not hold enough patience to bear. In case, something goes wrong between both of you then you need to understand that you must not stop talking. As per the experts, when you stop talking, things become more complicated. And why should you let the situation go in this way if it could be handled earlier? Never let the situation turned into worse. Since you are matured and understand what is good and bad, you need to realize that this kind of behave may leave bad effect on your kids. What they will learn from you?

Your Sunday should be only yours

Though many of you may not get Saturday to enjoy with family because of tight deadlines and backlog. But what about your Sunday? It should only be yours. Never leave work to accomplish on Sunday. You must clear your boss or your team leader about your Sunday. Apart from it, if you have decided to do some kind of home related stuff on this day, put it on hold. Your Sunday should be only for you and your family.

Prepare Breakfast

Since you both are working and find less time, start enjoying every moment. Preparing morning breakfast once in a weak may bring a broad grin to you loved one’s face. Not only preparing, but you need to serve it with the smile. This way will add some extra taste to your cooking. As per your choice, you can cook what you want. It can be breakfast or just a cup of coffee. If you are good in cooking, then you may also prepare lunch for your better-half and kids. It is another way to make them feel special. Are you both working,Keep in mind following things

What You Must Not forget 

  • Keep a close eye over the activity of your kids. If they are going school on time or not? For this, you may take help of the class teacher to get information about the behave and activity your kids time-to-time. You must keep communicating to your kids to know about their friends. If it is possible then save their numbers in your phone to stay in the touch. Are you both working,Keep in mind following things
  • Never freak out on your kids otherwise, it may add bitterness in the relations between you and your kids. Whenever they ask for something not suitable for them, you need to describe the pros and cons in a discreet manner. Actually, kids are not matured and they are very curious to understand everything. Being parents, you need to have patience to make them understand in a discreet manner.
  • Have you ever muddled that If your kids are secured or not? These days a number of rape, mental and physical harassment related cases are coming in the spotlight. You need to analyse all the places, If they are secured and comfortable for your kids or not. If you have hired a cab for your kids to pick and leave them, ask for the identity to keep in your record. To ensure the security at the home, you may also install at the home.
  • You need to become good for your neighbours. Yes!!! It is your neighbours who always all set to help you when you need. Never let affect your relationship because of bogus things. To build up the cordial relationships, you may invite them for lunch or dinner. Never forget to wish them on special occasions. Doing all this is required as it helps a lot when you step out leaving your kids at home. You may also spare some time to spend some time with talking and sharing your thoughts. Always keep the neighbour’s contact number in your list so you may make call to know about kids or parents staying at home. Are you both working,Keep in mind following things
  • Since you always cannot be available to your kids, it is required to teach them about the basic things. You need to let them understand what it right or wrong. How to take decision if you are not with them at that time. Let them understand why it is not good to take eatable things from the unknown people.

So, how it was? It would like to mention that the above mentioned topic cannot be described within limited words. There is a lot to mention as it belongs to our society. Well!!! If something important has missed then please excuse us. And do not forget to share your feedbacks and suggestions. We have been waiting for your valuable supports.

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