The Legend Of Micheal Mishra Movie review

The Legend Of Micheal Mishra Movie review

Arshad Varshi…this name is enough to force a kind of special movie goers to go for watching this movie. There is a great fan following of Arshad Varshi because the character CIRCUIT, which he played in Munna Bhai MBBS. Those who always enjoy the comedy done by Arshad Varshi, Michael Mishra is a great treat for them. Apart from him, Boman Irani, Aditi Rao Haidari, Kayoj Irani, Kunaal Sharma and Yuri Suri will be seen playing the prominent characters. Let’s know more about this movie. The Legend Of Micheal Mishra Movie review

The Legend Of Micheal Mishra Movie review

The Legend Of Micheal Mishra Movie review
The Legend Of Micheal Mishra Movie review
  • Genre – Comedy
  • Star Cast – Arshad Varshi, Boman Irani, Aditi Rao Haidari, Kayoj Irani, Kunal Sharma, Yuri Suri
  • Director –Manish Jha
  • Rating –  2/5


This story of this movie revolve around a guy Michael Mishra. He becomes a criminal because of an incident occurred in his childhood. And police is still trying to trap him since his childhood. Now Michael has become a professional kidnapper, who kidnap the people and bring them a secret place. In between all this, Michael Mishra falls in love with a girl whose name is Varsha Shukla and this character is being played by Aditi Rao Haidari. They both fall in love with each other. But the problem is that Varsha’s Auntiji does not like all this since Michael is not in good profession. The Legend Of Micheal Mishra Movie review

To impress her Auntiji, he tried to leave his so-called profession of kidnapping. Michael falls in love with her as she speak HELLO in a very lovely style. And her love forces him to quite the bad way in which he is indulged. Michael Mishra surrenders himself and ready for the punishment. The Legend Of Micheal Mishra Movie review

He is sent to the Jail where he got the punishment of 500 years. Michael Mishra saves the life of a jailer and for this he allows him to escape. But when he comes back, he did not find Varsha since she has become a popular actress. But now what happens? You must book your ticket to watch this movie on this Sunday.

And The Script Of This Moive

Those who are not pretty much impressed by Arshad Varshi and his comic timing may feel bore during the movie. There are many points where this movie goes very slow and without having Entertainment factor. After watching this movie, you may feel that it is completely inspired from FANSH GYE RE OBAMA…The script can be better but it is not actually. It is very much complicated to understand that means you have to go along with your reasoning skills otherwise you may slip many things. The Legend Of Micheal Mishra Movie review

Music Of This Movie

A song casted over Aditi Rao Haidery is already top in the list. And other songs are OK. In a nutshell, songs in movie will help to keep this movie remember if you do not find anything good in this story.

Why To Watch

  • If you love watching Arshad Varshi or you are a die-hard fan of him.
  • If you do not love to go along with your mind in the movie hall.
  • If you can see anything in the name of Comedy & Arshad Varshi The Legend Of Micheal Mishra Movie review
    Best Of Luck ….
    Have a Happy Movie Tim….

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