Loleygaon – West Bengal

Loleygaon - West Bengal
Loleygaon – West Bengal

Darjeeling…an Indian state which is known for its incredible beauty. This marvellous place is loaded with a number of lovely places in which Loleygaon is one of the noticeable places. This place full of tranquillity of mind is also known as Kaffer village located at a lower altitude of 5,5000 ft. Loleygaon is adjacent to Lava situated at the altitude of 7,700 ft. If you are going to visit Loleygaon then you must also visit Lava as it is very close to it and ideal to spend some more quality time after visiting Loleygaon. Loleygaon – West Bengal

A Bit About Loleygaon – West Bengal

This amazing village is surrounded by the towering dhupi ad cypress forests. If you wish to get slip in the wonderful aura of the nature. This village is loaded with several locations from where you can take sweeping views of the Kanchenjunga range. Here, you can also see the orchids. Seeing orchids is perfect to jazz up your mood. If you love bird watching, then you must also go for scheduling a visit to Loleygaon. Loleygaon – West Bengal

Best Places To Visit In Loleygaon

  • Eco Park, Loleygaon – It is just opposite the bus stand. If you are preparing the places where you must visit, you need to add ECO Park in your list. If you are coming with family and wish to add a place perfect to head along with the kids, Eco Park is ideal to choose. Loleygaon – West Bengal
  • Jhandidara, Loleygaon – This point is widely popular among the people who never wish to miss any chance to grab the lovely scenes like Sunrise. You must take a camera with yourself in order to grab the lovely pictures of surprise to add weight to your album in order to make it perfect. Loleygaon – West Bengal
  • Neora Valley Park – It is one of the very unique places in Loleygaon. It is the most sought after among the visitors. This reserve park covers the area of 100 acre of forest land. Loleygaon – West Bengal
  • Changey Fall – How your visit would be considered complete if you did not see the CHangey Fall located at about 10 Kms. The small waterfall is lovely and serve you great experience. Loleygaon – West Bengal
  • Canopy Walk, Loleygaon – It is located approximately a kilometre away from the bus stand at Loleygaon. TI holds a total length of 180 meters. You must also add this to your list while preparing it. It is the most beautiful forest locate in Loleygaon. Here, you can enjoy walk on hanging bridge which is suspended from one tree to another one. This amazing bridge is made from wood. Since it is situated on a particular high and that’s why it is enough to take you to another field. From this height, you can take a lovely view of wild and pristine forests. Loleygaon – West Bengal
  • View Point, Loleygaon – It is situated in the VIP bungalows which is just opposite to the Rachela Cafeteria. This view point is widely popular to catch the lovely Mountain of Neora Valley National Park. Now only this, but you can also see the now capped Himalayas. Here, you get a panoramic view of the Neora Valley National Park along with the stunning snow-capped Himalayas. Loleygaon – West Bengal
  • Nature Interpretation Centre, Loleygaon – It is situated on the entrance to Neora Valley National Park. Here, you can see the orchid and other kind of flowers to get overwhelmed with the amazing experience.
  • Forest Department Nursery, Loleygaon –this nursery is loaded with various varieties of flowers. IT is very popular because of orchids flower. So, if you want to see eye-caching orchid then you must go ahead
  • Excursions in Loleygaon, Loleygaon – Since Loleygaon is adjacent to Lava, Kalimpong and Siliguri, you get chance to make visit to other places. Visiting world sanctuaries like Gorumara and Lataguir would be perfect to choose for exploring the wildlife. Loleygaon – West Bengal

What Kind of Activities you Must Not Skip In Loleygaon

Yes!!!There are a number of activities to do apart from sightseeing like watching, camping, trekking etc. This perfect place allure a number of people towards it to visit. Because of holding immense natural beauty, it sis becoming popular a lot among the visitors. Loleygaon – West Bengal

The best month to Explore Loleygaon

This place is perfect to make as stroll with kids, family and friends. If you are a couple and looking for a romantic place, head to Loleygaon. When it comes to visit the Loleygaon, you should head in February, October, November and December. Loleygaon – West Bengal

How To Reach Loleygaon

  • By Air – The nearest airport is Bagdogra International Airport located 13 Kilometres east of Siliguri and 125 kms from Loleygaon. It takes around 5 hours to reach the airport by road. It is well connected to the major cities of the country like Kolkata, Bangalore, Guwahati, Chennai and Delhi. One can also get international flight from here.
  • By Rail – There are two railway stations, SEvoke and Siliguri Railway station located at 100 Km and 115 km. Siliguri Station is a kind of major rail junction well connected to the metro cities like Chennai, Bangalore, Mumbai, New Delhi, Trivandrum and Varanasi etc.
  • By Road – It is also connected to Loleygaon by road. If you wish to go from this route then you must go ahead.
    So, what’s about you? Have you made up your mind to visit this Loleygaon? Well!!! We have narrow downed enough information to increase your knowledge. If we have missed something then you may share your feedback regarding it. We are waiting for your valuable feedback.

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