Manto movie review

Manto movie review
Manto movie review

Manto takes you back and if you love this kind of movie then you have landed on the right platform. The story of the movie ‘Manto’ mainly decreases between 1946 and 1950. During this freedom, till then, Manto was staying in Bombay and after partition, in Lahore. Therefore, to understand the film better, read their fame especially during this period. Manto movie review

Manto movie review

Manto movie review
Manto movie review
  • Genre – Biopic
  • Star Cast –  Nawazuddin Siddiqui, Rasika Duggal, Tahir Raj Bhasin, Javed Akhtar, Chandan Roy Sanyal, Rishi Kapoor, Inamu Lakh, Ranvir Shourie, Rajshri Deshpande, Divya Dutta,
  • Director –Nandita Das
  • Rating –  3.5/5

What Is The Story of Movie 

Nandita Das has beautifully portrayed her classical stories like ‘Sahay’, ‘Toba Tek Singh’, ‘Khal Do’ and ‘Chanda Goshat’ in the film’s narrative. Also, if you have read ‘The Stars from Ancient Sky’, a collection of ‘freelance’ articles written in Lahore in memory of ‘Bombay’, then ‘Manto’ would not sound you, stranger, anymore. You must know the friends of Manto beforehand, they will feel their love for Bombay in every article and with the help of many of their helpers, and they will understand the state of mind during their most difficult times. Manto movie review

Nandita Das – All Set To Impress You

Nandita Das will surely help you to understand the entire concept in case you are running confused about it. Beginning with the happy days of Manto and Progressive writers of Bombay, the film reaches the new country in the fire of the Hindu-Muslim Riots, in the new country, where his mausoleum comes with Manto, but he is not happy.

What Is Brilliant About Manto

  • The film shows its beginnings to many characters. Does not establish anybody and lets you stand in the middle of the world. Therefore, it takes some time to become part of the world of Manto, Safia, Ismat Chughtai, Shyam and Ashok Kumar. Manto movie review
  • The first part of the film mentions the events of the life of Manto, hence it lacks the lack of nervous flows. But this is a slow build-up that gives a sweet juicy fruit to keep restraint in the latter part of the interval.
  • Manto’s pain in this part centers on center-stage and it is impossible to remove the eye from the screen for a moment. In a jungle, Manto goes on telling three stories, and in the outburst of anger, this film captures such a speed that only after the end, it takes itself and lets us take it too.

Cinematography of Movie 

Art direction of ‘Manto’ (Rita Ghosh) is very great and does not show any scenes that do not describe its phase. The cinematography of Kartik Vijay is so excellent that the color of yellow light in the dark makes many scenes memorable. Particularly Lahore’s parts make Manto’s state of mind dark and light yellow with illumination and illumination. Manto movie review

Why Should You Watch Manto?

Manto is not only getting a job in the film industry of Pakistan but a case of ‘cold meat’ is also done by his officers and it is always difficult to run home while freelancing for them. Above, alcoholism breaks them both as venomous and physically, and in the memories of Bombay, Hindustan, an Afsanar, sitting in Lahore, Pakistan, writes the greatest monumental life of his life – ‘Toba Tek Singh’. Sardar Manto is only falling in the ‘No Man’s Land’ falling between Hindustan and Pakistan! Manto movie review

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