Ranakpur – known as Jainism pilgrim

Ranakpur - A city which is known as Jainism pilgrim
Chaumukha Jain Temple – Ranakpur – Rajasthan -India

Rajasthan does not hold only great architecture, forts, deserts, temple, and colourful culture, but there is a city which is known as Jainism pilgrim. And the name of the city is Ranakpur. If you are one of them did not visit Ranakpur then it is the best time to schedule a visit to Ranakpur. This place is famous not famous among only Jainism but tourists also love to make a stroll to Ranakpur. Let’s come to know what Ranakpur can serves for you. Let’s check it out.


Ranakpur is famous for having a number of pilgrim places belong to Jainism religion. A number of tourists and devotees come all around the India and the world. Ranakpur holds a marvellous Jain Temple Complex having 1444 pillars and intricate carving all around the temple. Whether you wish to go there in order to pamper your spiritual inclination or wish to give your eyes a royal treat, visiting Jain Temple will be good for both intentions. All three Jain Temples stand close to each-other. Ranakpur is also famous for getting blessed with leopards. Siana and Bera are famous to take a close view of Ranakpur.


The renowned city of Rajasthan famous because of holding a number of Jainism pilgrims got its name after Rana Kumbha. He was a Jain businessman and play a wide role to establish some marvellous Jain temples. And that’s why Ranakpur emerges as one of the five auspicious places for Jainism. There are a number of exceptionally beautifully temples to take your heart away.


In this section, we are going to cite about the popular places of Ranakpur. Let’s take a look.

  • The Ranakpur Jain Temple – Name of Ranakpur Jain Temple comes first when it comes about the popular places of Ranakpur. This temple belongs to Lord Adinath who was the first Tirthankar of Jains. You must not skip this temple. This temple holds a total number of 1444 monolithic pillars made from white marble. These pillar will not allow to blink as they are adorned with excellent stone work. Each pillar holds a magnificent story with itself. This temple is also renowned as Chaumukha Temple.
Ranakpur - A city which is known as Jainism pilgrim
Jain Temple – Ranakpur – Rajasthan – India
  • Four Faced temple – This temple is another attraction fetch the wide attention of the devotees and tourists. Four Faced temple belongs to Adinathji and hold a huge complex.
  • Surya Narayan Temple – and this temple comes next in this list. Without seeing, Surya Narayan Temple visiting Ranakpur will remain incomplete. As the name of this temple already depicts that Surya Narayan Temple belongs to Sun God. Here, you will find a marvellous image of Lord Surya driving a seven-horse chariot. Apart from it, the architecture of this temple is pretty much eye-catching.


if you have some more spare time after exploring Ranakpur then there are many places you must make a stroll. Here, they have been mentioned. Check it out.

  • Kumbhalgarh:- It’s a historical fort in Mewar and situated 30 km northeast of Ranakpur. Here, you also go to visit the wildlife sanctuary which is widely popular for having wolves.
  • Sadri:- This place is an apple of the visitor’s eye as it holds a number of magnificent temples and an old Dargah of Khudabaksh Baba. It is situated 8 Km away. When it comes about the temple, the name of The Varahavtar temple and the Chintamani Parsvanath emerge first in the mind.
  • Desuri:- It is situated 16 km away from Ranakpur and you must visit it to take blessings of Lord Shiva, Parsuram Mahadeo, Navi Mata and Lord Hanuman. Yes!!! There are three temples associate to these deities. An old mosque is also located here.
  • Ghanerao:- This place is also popular for having Hindu temples and one of the famous temples is Gajanand which hold a life-size statue of goddesses Ridhhi and Siddhi. Apart from them, eye-catching idols of Lord Hanuman and Bhairon have always been in spotlight.


You can schedule your visit between the month of October and March. During this time, whether remains pleasing. You must avoid visiting Ranakpur in summer as maximum temperature goes up to 42 degree Celsius and a minimum of around 22 degree Celsius. Though winter season will not tease you a lot as maximum temperature remains around 20 degree Celsius and minimum of 11 degree Celsius.


Since this place is widely known for having a number of Jain Temples, all sorts of Jain festivals are celebrated with great enthusiasm. Apart from it, Holi, Diwali and Makar Sankranti are celebrated with a lot of fanfare.


For fun-loving people, Ranakpur has always been a great place as you are allowed to do trekking. There are various trekking routes like Ranakpur to Thandiberi, Ranakakar, Roopmata and Kumbhalgarh. Apart from it, you can go for camel riding, horse safari and jeep safari as well. Since Ranakpur nestled amidst the lap of the Aravali Range, visitors can go to take a close look of nature. Those who are looking for shopping have to head towards Udaipur. Here, you can purchase a number of marvellous things like clothing, jewellery and miniature painting etc.


  • By Air – Maharana Pratap Airport is the nearest Airport in Ranakpur which situated 80 Km away from Udaipur. Here, you can fetch regular flights to major cities.
  • By Rail – Falna Railway Station is the nearest Railway stagnation situated 35 Kms away from Ranakpur. Tourists can catch trains for Delhi, Chittaurgarh, Ajmer, and Jaipur from this station.
  • By Road – It’s well-connected to other cities by road. Not only State transport corporation buses but private buses are also available which are connected to other cities in the region.

So, if you are all set to make a stroll? If nodded yes!!! Then, Have a happy journey….And yes, don’t forget to share your experience with us after coming back.

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