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The Fakir of Venice movie review
The Fakir of Venice movie review

For the moviegoers, there is another movie on the floor The Fakir of Venice. After its release, it has already fetched a lot of attention because of great content. Let’s check it out more in The Fakir of Venice Movie review in detailed manner.

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The Fakir of Venice movie review
The Fakir of Venice movie review
  • Genre – Comedy
  • Star Cast – Farhan Akhtar, Annu Kapoor, Kamal Sidhu
  • Director – Anand Surapur
  • Rating –  2

Story of The Fakir of Venice Movie

The story starts with Adi (Farhan Akhtar), who is a jugadu production assistant and produces unique-unique productions. In this connection, there is an assignment to bring a yogi in Venice’s museum, which can be absorbed in silence by placing his head inside the sand and keeping the feet out. After searching from Kumbh to Kashi, he finally meets him on the Juhu beach of Mumbai as Sadhus, Sattar (Annu Kapoor).

The painter is not the ruler of the ruling party, but on the Juhu beach, there is a poor alcoholic who has a feat with his sister Saida, who can be buried inside the sand and keep her breath for a few hours. Due to the high amount of money, Adi is taken to Venice by making spiritual yogi a Saturn. On the journey of Venice from India, there is a lot of decrease with Adi and Sattar, and in this connection, black humor is also created along with bitter truth, which forces viewers to think a lot.

Direction of The Fakir of Venice Movie

About ten years, director Anand Surapur’s film, “The Fakir of Venice”, to reach the cinema hall, but when you watch the movie, you get attached to the story that you do not realize that you are watching a movie hanging for years Are. It is true that this is not a commercial film, it has been created keeping in mind the special audience, but despite this, despite the irony of life, it also effortlessly mobilizes the moment of entertainment.

Negative Point of The Fakir of Venice Movie

The beginning of the movie is slow, but after the interval, the movie gains momentum. The climax could be made better. Many parts of the film are in English, if they were given subtitles in Hindi, it would have been nice.

Cast Performance in The Fakir of Venice Movie

In the case of acting, the film proves to be 20. Farhan Akhtar has done the role of a typical urban boy. In the film, his character has been shown to be very selfish and mean, which Farhan has been successful in paying. Annu Kapoor has starred in the character of Sattar. His senseless style as a Sattar and expressions of alcohol addictive expressions give life to the sine. Supporting cast is fine.

The Positive Points About Movie

  • AR In the music of Rahman, ‘Wako Nam Fakir’ makes the film a fairytale statement.
  • You will love this movie if you like different Kind of movie.

Why Should You Watch This Movie 

Anand Surapra’s treatment as a director and approach is fresh. Only one hour 38 minutes long is the feature of the film, even if the screenplay becomes tidy and camera work was sharp, the film could have been more sophisticated.

In The Last

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