Top 10 Belly Foods

Top 10 Belly Foods
Top 10 Belly Foods

We all want to get rid of our stubborn belly fat. And no matter how much work out we do it just does not help. It just does not want to leave our body anyway. And do you know the reason that why in spite of all the hard work we are not losing bothersome belly fat. All the abs and cardio work would not help you in providing you a belly that you love.Top 10 Belly Foods

Top 10 Belly Foods

Our food plays an essential role in our fitness and health. A sound body has a sound mind. For any person fitness is the most important thing as no one can achieve success unless and until he or she is healthy and fit. The most vital aspect of achieving a flat belly is proper diet and food. Top 10 Belly Foods

Essential foods for belly are:

  1. Beans:- Beans help a lot in firing fat off the body. It is a vegetable which helps in development of muscles and also regulates digestion of the body. Beans are the food which lets you feel full so that you do not indulge in over eating. One should take beans in its diet regularly in order to stay fit. It keeps your body in perfect shape and size. And is an effective food if you wish to minimize the bloated belly fat. Red and white beans are the most preferred ones for losing fat. Top 10 Belly Foods
  2. Almonds:- These nuts contain all the things which are body need. These versatile nuts have fiber, protein and Vitamin E in it. Vitamin E is a powerful antioxidant. They produce energy in bulk and helps in building and maintenance of muscle tissues. Almonds are a good source of magnesium which helps us in meeting the energy needs of body. They also play a role in sugar regulation. And how can we forget how delicious almonds are and yet block calories. Top 10 Belly Foods
  3. Soya beans:- They are the riches source of proteins. It also provides antioxidants and fibers to the body and is incredibly useful. It helps your body in gaining all the essential nutrients. It can be eaten in snacks or food as a person may like. Your diet should contain soya bean in an appropriate amount so that you can get rid of fat surrounding your belly. Top 10 Belly Foods
  4. Eggs: – The most perfect protein source for you and your body are eggs. Who do not like to eat eggs? They are so very tasty and yet so healthy, this is the best part of eggs. All the dieticians recommend eggs in your daily diet as it maintains the balance of amino acids which are the protein building blocks of the body. If you want to keep yourself away from unhealthy food then have eggs. If you eat eggs in the morning then you will feel less hungry in the day because it provides the body with carbohydrates. And we all know that carbohydrates provide our body with energy. Top 10 Belly Foods
  5. Berries: – Make berries your best friend if you want to lose fat. They are loaded with fibers. The more fiber you will in take the fewer calories your body will make that is because fiber tends to trap all the food particles and shuttles them out of your digestive system before they get digested. They are a rich source of antioxidants which helps you and your body from chronic diseases. Top 10 Belly Foods
  6. Apple:- ‘An apple a day keeps the doctor away’, this famous quotation is as very true as apples helps us in staying healthy and fit. Apples contain fibers in 5% and 95% of water which helps us in feeling full. They also have quercitin which is an antioxidant. It helps in fighting cancers and reducing cholesterol level. They also help you in keeping your lungs healthy. Top 10 Belly Foods
  7. Green leaves: – The ultimate food which helps you keep a check on your calorie as it regulates it. It also has cancer preventing carotenoids in it. One cup of spinach supplies you with 20% of fiber required by your body in a day. Most of the leafy greens are rich and good source of essential ingredients and calcium. It contains minerals which help in muscle contraction. And they work as a fuel for your body. Top 10 Belly Foods
  8. Vegetable Soup: – People who prefer to eat soup which are low fat based are more likely to lose fat. One should take soups two times a day to lose weight. All the soup eaters maintain their figure and stay fit. It contains all the essential nutrients and minerals a body needs. It should be the most essential element in your diet if you wish to maintain your body. Top 10 Belly Foods
  9. Salmon: – It is an excellent source of omega-3 fatty acids. It is a seafood mainly fatty fish like salmon, mackerel and tuna. All these are very healthy fats and help in burning of fat and hence makes the metabolism of your body more effective. It is showed in the studies that all those overweight people who eat Salmon drastically improved their glucose insulin response of body. This seafood efficiently helps you in getting rid of unwanted cravings as it does slow digestion. It is a rich source of protein which will help you in making stronger abs. it is said that wild salmon contains more omega-3 fatty acids than the fishes that are raised in farms. Top 10 Belly Foods
  10. Yogurt: – It is a probiotic which is loved by one and all. Yogurt has end number of benefits for keeping your body fit and fine. Those people who in take their calcium through yogurt are more likely to lose fat in a faster and easier way. The best part about yogurt is that it cuts out fat from the midsection of the body. They contain probiotic bacteria which tend to keep your digestive system healthy and good. It also regulates other necessary functions of body like constipation, bloating, lower incidence of gas. It is an effective thing you should ad in your diet to have a flat belly.

So now get rid of your belly fat with the help of these foods which are healthy yet delicious.

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