07 Amazing travel destination for vegetarian foodies

07 Amazing travel destination for vegetarian foodies
07 Amazing travel destination for vegetarian foodies

Travelling means exploring the new things, having a lot of fun and come back with the unforgettable memories. Oops!!! We forget to mention one thing called Food without which no journey can be get accomplished. The best thing is that many places are famous just because of serving the scrumptious. However, what if you are pure vegetarian and wish to step up into the best places catering the best vegetarian food. Here, we are going to mention some of the prominent places you can head to enjoy delicious food and lovely places both at the same time.

07 Amazing Travel Destination For Vegetarian Foodies

07 Amazing travel destination for vegetarian foodies
07 Amazing travel destination for vegetarian foodies

1. Singapore – No need to give any sort of introduction about this lovely place as we all know how beautiful and popular it is. There would not be anyone in the world who will ever deny to visit Singapore as it is just a kind of paradise for the travel freak people. The good thing is that it has always been popular among the vegetarian foodies too. 07 Amazing travel destination for vegetarian foodies

  • Singapore is quite popular among the people who always love to explore the place serving a variety of vegetarian dishes. To taste the delicious vegetarian dishes you do not need to wander that much as they are available at the up-market eateries quite easily. Apart from it, traditional hawker markets are also available to satisfy your food related instincts. 07 Amazing travel destination for vegetarian foodies
  • Do not forget to taste the most famous Malay and Singaporean cuisine made using tofu. If you are a bit spiritual and wish to visit temples then you may go for enjoying Hindu and Chinese temple. The quite popular mall is just next to Hindu Temple and you can explore here a comprehensive range of tasty dishes.
  • Whether you wish to eat south Indian vegetarian or want to eat something Asian, you need to step up into Original Sin in Holland Village to taste the delicious things at the best prices.

2. New York — The next in the list is New York. The beautiful city comes up with a number of amazing things to leave you speechless. A number of food carts are available here doggedly engaged to serve the finger picking food to you. The best thing will make you fall in love with New York is that the food stole keep a close eye to maintain the hygiene level. 07 Amazing travel destination for vegetarian foodies

  • If you are heading New York then you must go with the best meal and we are here to increase your knowledge regarding it.  What you must not forget to try is the most popular vegetarian spots called Dirt Candy. It is beautiful and has been decorate in a lovey way. 07 Amazing travel destination for vegetarian foodies
  • Here, you do not need to wait in queue, as the fast service will rule over your heart. The best thing is that they are not good at serving the delicious food but they are creative too.

3. Thailand – Before we go in deep, it seems essential to introduce a words “mangasawirat”, stands for “vegetarian”, and “jay” for vegan.  Since, it holds a great Buddhist population; you can enjoy a variety of tasty and delicious food.  Many Thai people are vegetarians and that is why if you are vegetarian and wish to visit this place, it would be good for you. If it talks about the popular dishes, there is a wide range and the most popular are tom yum and curries. The best thing is that they can be easily modified to go with the vegetarian needs.

4. Taipei, Taiwan – For the vegetarian lovers, Taiwan is not less than a paradise. Here, we are going to emphasize over Taiwan that what delicious you can taste here to make your journey memorable.

  • Here, you can spot the reverse swastika signs considered quite auspicious in Hindu Religion on eateries in Tape. Actually, it is a kind of symbol actually represents Taoist or Buddhist vegetarian food. It means you can recognized easily. 07 Amazing travel destination for vegetarian foodies
  • If you love dairy-food, you can go for it as innumerable options are available.
  • For the people love, eating street food can go for having the best and tasty items. You must not forget to head Shilin Night Market and taste variety of scrumptious food.

5. Turin –Many of you may not know this place. No worries, we are here to increase your information regarding it. Turin is the capital of Piemonte. The most important thing is that it is called the first official “vegetarian city”.

  • It is jam-packed with more than 30 restaurants, cafés and shops catering the best vegan and vegetarian fare.
  • There is no dearth of the delicious vegetarian food in Turin. Here, you can come across a wide array of eateries imparting the best dishes at the best prices. 07 Amazing travel destination for vegetarian foodies

6. Sydney, Australia: For the health conscious folks, it is the best place to head. If you are going to visit this lovely city, then you must go ahead. Here, you can come across a wide array of vegetarian establishments. If this one is in your list then you must not circumvented it. In Sydney, the roads and eating points are just fabulous. You will love the ambience of the place. 07 Amazing travel destination for vegetarian foodies

7. Los Angeles, California: To give a wonderful treat to your eyes, LA is the best choice to make. You will love this city, we guarantee you. It is too beautiful and welcome you in a great way.

  • Variety of food options are available and you would not come across any issues while visiting it.
  • Plenty of restaurants available to welcome you and make you get showered with the best feelings. The above-mentioned information would be much enough to encourage to get embarked on a lovely journey without staying away from the food. Just head to any of your favourite and enjoy the delicious food to make your journey memorable. 07 Amazing travel destination for vegetarian foodies

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