A Memorable trip to India’s Golden Triangle

A Memorable trip to India’s Golden Triangle
A Memorable trip to India’s Golden Triangle

Golden Triangle….A name that many of you know. But if you are one of them have not visited it, you are missing a wide chunk. Here, it is being emphasized on this. Let’s check it out more about it. 

A Memorable trip to India’s Golden Triangle

A Memorable trip to India’s Golden Triangle
A Memorable trip to India’s Golden Triangle


A Bit About Golden Triangle 

National Capital Delhi, Agra and Jaipur are tourist points which form Triangle. It means if you are thinking to visit many places but within short span of time, you have landed at the right place. On the map too, these three points happen to form a triangular shape when inter-connected. Trip usually starts with Delhi.

DELHI – The journey starts with Delhi. India’s official National Capital Territory and metropolitan city, situated at country’s North. The best period to visit is from October to March. A Memorable trip to India’s Golden Triangle

What Places To Visit In Delhi

  • Red Fort – One of the best places to visit is the Red Fort, as it acquired great historical importance and will surely narrate you many great stories throughout its every wall and inch. I bate; your heart will lift up with pride and patriotic essence if you are Indian. Foreigners will not go empty hearted either. Foreigners will witness the historic culture and Empire of India which will reveal the glory of Nation and power it holds.

What to see? – Light and Sound Show (They are available in bot In English and Hindi, so choose according to your needs and requirements) A Memorable trip to India’s Golden Triangle

Best Time to visit – Month of September as the weather is pleasant.

  • Qutub Minar – The minaret is the tallest individual tower in the world with height of 234 feet.

 The place is an excellent piece art which is enough of the proof to showcase Art of Mughal Empire.

 Visit this place just to witness the form of architecture, long back then they carved out with the accuracy one can’t just point the error of even a millimeter out. A Memorable trip to India’s Golden Triangle

  • India Gate – This place got very special significance in history, being a War Memorial.

 The monument is dedicated to Eighty two thousand soldiers of India and Britain who died during the First World War and the Third Anglo-Afghan War. A Memorable trip to India’s Golden Triangle

 Also this monument has around 13,300 names of servicemen carved on its surface. You can also see home to Amar Jawan Jyoti in the premises, which was built post the Bangladesh Liberation War, symbolizes the immortal soldiers of India. A Memorable trip to India’s Golden Triangle

 You must visit site for getting knowledge of all those sacrifices which were made for Mother India to dwell in pride and harmony. A Memorable trip to India’s Golden Triangle

Delhi is a place to visit lot more sites besides the above mentioned. Explore the city and fall in love with the city.

Next is AGRA – The next on the list is Agra which is second point of this Triangle. Name is enough! One of the Seven Wonders in World falls here. Yes!!! one can leave this place without visiting the memorable things. How could one leave Agra without footing up Taj Mahal! Visit the place and feel loved and tranquil. Wonder will be if you don’t get wondered exploring this place. A Memorable trip to India’s Golden Triangle

However, Agra has few more places worth visiting and worth spending time:

  • Agra Fort – To come across the lovely history and culture, it worth to visit. This fort comes up with a great layers and will make you get indulged in the happiness. The fact cannot be ignored that it is a proud of fort.
  • Mehtab Bagh – It is incredibly beautiful and widely known for leave the visitors speechless.
  • Panch Mahal – It also adds a great spark to the beauty of Agra. You must not leave it as it brings a great happiness to you. Must say Panch Mahal will take you back to history and you will be able to connect yourself.
  • Sur Sarovar Bird Sanctuary – Spare some time to see the natural beauty. It will be like a kind of meditation as you will be able to see the beauty that you cannot find anywhere else.

Pick up above destinations and direct the road map of your trip accordingly.

And The Golden Triangle Gets Completed With JAIPUR – This is the third and last place of Golden Triangle. Places to visit may vary according to your interest; however, recommended ones are enlisted below:

  • Village Jeep Safari in Jaipur – Without this, your journey will not be considered complete.
  • Havelis and Temple Walks – Since you are spiritual, this will make you happy and satisfied.
  • Neemrana Fort – It is oozing with great history and all set to bring happiness to you.
  • Chomu Palace – This is another thing on the list all set to take you another world. You will love visiting it and have a lot of fun. A Memorable trip to India’s Golden Triangle
  • Nahargarh and Jaigarh Fort – This fort will also make you get indulged with the great happiness and you do not need to go anywhere.
  • Full Day Sightseeing Tour of Jaipur – Since you all set to make your visit memorable, you must not ignore this one. The full sightseeing tour will unwind you and will feel just crazy. The fact cannot be denied that it will add some memorable chapters to your journey. A Memorable trip to India’s Golden Triangle

Why To Visit India’s Golden Triangle?

Indian culture is such a splendid, secular and integrated in its own way, which can be experienced when you visit this triangle. The Golden Triangle will surely show you India through various angles. Apart from it, this Triangle visit is just a kind of amalgamation of happiness since you can have a lot of experience in one visit.

If you are looking for the best place, then you must go for it and seriously it worth to say a Big Yes. All the best for your trip to India’s Golden Triangle. And yes!!! Do not forget to share your feedback with us. We are here to hear from you since it keeps motivating us to going on flawless.

Stay connected with us and have a lot of fun. Have a happy and safe journey…   

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