Longer commute to work leads dissatisfaction in life

Longer Commute to work leads Dissatisfaction in life

Do we know long commuting can affects our Health??   Yes it affect our health. If we spend more time commuting to and fro from work, we have less time for other activities and it leads to lower life satisfaction.Longer commute to work leads dissatisfaction in life

Longer commute to work leads dissatisfaction in life

According to a new study from university of waterloo Canada the more time we spend getting to and from work the less likely we are to be satisfied with life leading to stress and related problem.Longer commute to work leads dissatisfaction in life

It is also found that the longer it takes for someone to get to work the lower their satisfaction with life. While commuting has long been thought to have some upside like providing time to unwind , this study suggest the opposite is true. “The message to employers is that encouraging flexible work house or providing time for physical leisure can pay dividends in their employee’s satisfaction with life.Longer commute to work leads dissatisfaction in life

The researchers analysed data from statistics Canada to better understand the links between commute time and well-being. They found that on top of being linked to lower life satisfaction longer commutes are related to and increased sense of time pressure. “Some people may enjoy a commute but overall, longer travel time is linked to feeling of time crunch, which can increase stress level. Lengthy commute have already been linked to poor mental and physical health including Hypertension, Obesity and low Energy.

If long commuting hours to work are giving nightmares, it is time to either change home or job. It is better to take job that paid a little less money but closer to home.Longer commute to work leads dissatisfaction in life

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