07 Health issues your hair is trying to tell you

07 Health issues your hair is trying to tell you
07 Health issues your hair is trying to tell you

Hair is something that adds a great spark to your persona. Having good hair means looking good. It makes you feel good from inside. Those who love their hair, always keep doing various things to maintain the charm of their hair. But have you ever mulled that your hair can be another way let you know about your health.

07 Health issues your hair is trying to tell you

07 Health issues your hair is trying to tell you
07 Health issues your hair is trying to tell you

How often you look at your reflection in the mirror and complain of damaged, dry hair? The brittle and thin hair isn’t only indicative of hair disorders but also reflect your overall health in general. People often miss out on the clues that their hair reveals about their inner health. 07 Health issues your hair is trying to tell you
Many studies have shown that alteration in hair’s appearance, thickness and texture show clear signs of health conditions, like stress, thyroid diseases and many more. The next time you stare at your reflection in the mirror, look out for these signs and act extra vigilant about the health issues your hair is trying to tell you.

  • Thinning of hair indicates you are stressed – A large group of women suffer from thinning of hair. They easily lose about 100 hairs per day which becomes noticeable within a month. Studies have proved that the major cause of hair thinning is psychological stressors. 07 Health issues your hair is trying to tell you
    What You Can Do To Improve – Since, we keep going along with the hectic schedule and do not get that way too much time to take care of our hair, the result comes up in this form. What you need to do is hair oil massage. Yes!!! It serious brings a great change to your hair. Doing oil massage twice or thrice in a week is enough. Do it in night and let your hair get marinated throughout the night, and then wash in the morning to get them happy, silky and stylish. 07 Health issues your hair is trying to tell you
  • Brittle, thin locks are a sign of thyroid issues – If your shiny locks are suddenly turning brittle and thin, get yourself checked for thyroid test. Sudden thinning of hair and scalp could be a silent sign thyroid issues. The thyroid gland is responsible for regulating the endocrine system and manages the hair growth.
    What You Must Not Do – See, if you are using hair drying or straightener too much then you must stop it as these things are making your hair dry. They do not get dry in their natural way and which lead them to get brittle. Apart from it, you must add healthy and fresh food to your diet. The best thing is that you must consult doctor or dietician to know what food you must take too give your hair a long life.
  • Yellow flakes in your hair indicates Dermatitis – The yellow-white flakes that can often be found around your eyes, shoulders and scalp are clear indicative of dandruff issues, also known as seborrhoea dermatitis. Dandruff is usually caused due to inflammation of the scalp or by yeast presence, and it gets worse in winter season. 07 Health issues your hair is trying to tell you
    Why Add Eggs To Your Diet – Eggs is rich in Omega and protein which is quite good for your health as well as hair. You must add them to your diet to see the change. These two things play a major role to lift up the ratio of your growth. 07 Health issues your hair is trying to tell you
  • You are consuming too much Junk – If your hair appears lacklustre, thin, brittle and dull, it’s high time you take a look on what you have got on your plate. Healthy diet is critically important if you wish to own healthy hair. If you continue eating junk, your strands are likely to turn brittle after suffering from malnutrition. A good diet will give your hair all it needs to stay healthy.
    Why You Should Stay Away From Junk Food – Put a full stop if you have been consuming the junk food a lot as it is not imparting good things for you hair. In case, you love Junk Food then do not forge to add raw vegetable in it to make it healthier. Keep drinking a lot of water to keep yourself hydrated.
  • You might be suffering from dental issues – This sound weird but holds true according to the research conducted by Journal of Clinical Investigation. The people who suffer from hair disorders are very prone to dental cavities. The keratin found in hair is also a crucial element in the tooth enamel formation, so hair disorders can also result in dental problems. 07 Health issues your hair is trying to tell you
    What You Should Do – If there is something happening to you, then you need to go to have an appointment to your dentist. Get rid of the dental issues to stay away from the hair related problems.
  • You need to drink enough water – The lacklustre, dull hair is clear indicative of dehydration. The hair tends to become dry when it is accompanied with lack of water, hot flashes, sun stroke and night sweats. Consuming 7-8 litre of water will make your hair appear brighter and more voluptuous. Water-rich foods are most recommended for brittle locks. 07 Health issues your hair is trying to tell you
  • Your hair needs fat – Fatty foods contribute to the health of hair as they help absorbing fat-soluble nutrients. So, if you are planning to slash fat from your diet, think again as omega-3 fatty acids are must for your hair health. 07 Health issues your hair is trying to tell you

Next time, when you see yourself in mirror, do not forget to check out these things to make sure if you are not going through any health issues. Do not get tensed if you notice any problem. You just need to head to your doctor to get rid of that health issues.
The best thing is that if you come across these health issues, do not get late. It is your body and it is your responsibility to keep it healthy. Stay in touch with Jiyo Pal Pal to get latest updates. We are here to introduce you about this kind of informative things.
Do not forget to share your views with us. Tune in Jiyo Pal Pal…Have A Happy Reading…

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