10 Beauty tips for Indian women

10 Beauty tips for Indian women
10 Beauty tips for Indian women

Indian women have always been known for their incredible look. No one can be found as same as Indian women all across the world. Have you ever contemplated over that what make them special…?10 Beauty tips for Indian women
You may not know, but yes.. they love to follow natural ways to maintain their beauty longer. Be it hair or face, they love to pamper the most important body part using natural ways.
In this blog, we are going to shed light over the best 10 beauty tips which all Indian women follow for a long time and become a secret of their beauty till now. 

Let’s narrow down the prominent 10 beauty tips for Indian women

10 Beauty tips for Indian women
Beauty tips

1. No need to go along with facial to get rid of annoying body hair:- Yes!!! You got right. If you are one of them who do not love to go saloon for removing unwanted hair of face then there is a great solution called gram flour paste.

  • With the help of Gram Flour, you can flee from the unwanted hair.
  • You just need to prepare a paste of gram flour with pouring required water and apply it all across the face.
  • And start rubbing on the targeted area of your face.
  • To get incredible results, you must use this paste twice in a week.
  • It is not pain free but less expensive than laser process as well.

2. Coconut Oil is Boon for all sorts of face skin requirement :- Coconut oil works as a boon for your face. Whether you wish to moisturize your skin or wish to remove makeup from your skin, coconut oil is one stop solution. Let’s have a look, what sorts of problem can get solved by coconut oil.

  • It is quite helpful for doing deep-conditional hair mask.
  • It makes you away from sticky wax.

3. Aloe Vera is all time favourite for Indian Beauties:– To get a smooth and soft skin, Aloe Vera is a perfect remedy. It does not make your face pimple free but make your skin quite soft as well.

4. Multani Mitti a Natural face pack to have smooth skin:- Multani Mitti is another all-time favourite face pack for Indian beauties. It plays a vital role to tighten pores and smooth skin. But you must not use if you have very dry skin already.

5. Honey and Lemon to get rid of tan skin :- Having a tan on your face is enough to make you annoying. But it can be removed easily if you go along with honey and lemon.

  • To get healthy skin, you just need to mix the juice of one lemon along with a teaspoon of honey.
  • Make a paste by mixing them gently.
  • Apply on your face and leave it for 10 minutes.
  • When it gets dry, wash your face.

Lemon juice holds acid factors which remove the tan on the other hand honey will moisturise your face in a gentle manner.

6. Raw Potato Juice for healthy skin:- To make your face skin tight and moisturize, raw potato juice works a lot.

  • To get its juice, use a fork. Apart from it, with the help of a scraper you can see some liquid on its surface.
  • Apply it and rinse it with water.

7. No need to worry about dandruff if lemon juice is available:-It is one of prominent and easy way to stay away from dandruff. Apart from it, the way of applying lemon juice is also very easy.

  • You just need to prepare a paste having 10-12 drops of lemon juice and coconut/olive oil.
  • Massage it gently into your scalp.
  • After applying, it is time to leave if for an hour and then rinse properly.
  • Using this process twice in a week will make your hair shiny and healthier.

8. Henna for Shiny Hair:- For all the Indian beauties who flaunt their magic with their long hair, henna is just like a great boon. Make sure you henna powder should be natural. There are many products are available in the market with the same name having great amalgamation of chemical which can make your hair even drier. But if it is natural then you can go ahead without thinking more about it. One thing which every Indian beauty follows regarding her hair to keep changing the hair parting sides. And the prominent reason is that it prevents parting side to look wide. If it is changed time to time, your hair looks thicker and parting side does not look wide.
9. Amla Oil :- This fruit is rich in Vitamin C and quite good for hair and eyes both. Amla oil has been using by Indian women for a long time. All sorts of scalp related problems get solved if it is applied on a regular basis.
10. Gulabjal :- Rosewater is easily available at the dressing table of Indian women. To get rid of dark circles, Gulabjal is applied on face in a gentle manner. Rubbing Gulabjal also diminish the spots on your face. It is made from fresh rose petals. Apart from it, new age market holds readymade Gulabjal bottles as well. Gulabjal can be added in any homemade face pack. It makes your skin smooth and healthy both.

So, ladies….here all have been cited what you have been using for a long to maintain your beauty last longer. It is possible if some points have left. But we are waiting eagerly to receive comments and feedback from your side.
Do not forget to share with us what you love to use to pamper your beauty. It would be quite helpful for our readers too.
Till then stay happy as it is one of the major reasons to keep your face glow longer…
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Have a happy reading…

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