10 health benefits of eating carrots

10 health benefits of eating carrots

Though quite lean in its looks, carrot is one power-food that is definitely not so lean in its nutritional contents. It contains more nutrients than you would have ever thought! While all of us are aware that it is one of richest and best sources of Vitamin A which is responsible for a healthy vision, not many of us would have earlier known that the superfood is also a supreme source of Vitamin B 1, B2, B3, B6, C, E and K.

Not only that, carrots can also nourish you with natural biotin, potassium, manganese, phosphorus, folate and copper. But the story doesn’t end here my dears. Carrots are also an excellent way of including fiber, pantothenic acid and antioxidants in your diet. The most crucial antioxidant that carrots consist of is beta carotene.

Let us now 10 health benefits of eating carrots

  1. Reduces cholesterol – Owing to its rich antioxidant contents, cholesterol reduction and cardiovascular benefits of eating carrots are tremendous. Studies have also shown that if people with high cholesterol levels eat carrots daily for four to six months, their cholesterol levels drop by a significant margin. And since high cholesterol is the main reason of heart diseases, consuming carrots is a great way of staying away from heart attacks too.
  2. Helps fight cancers – Falcarinol, Beta Carotene and fiber contents of carrots prevents occurrence of several types of cancers such as lung cancer, breast cancer, skin cancer, oral cancer and colon cancer.
  3. Reduces pre-mature aging – The damage of cells in our body during the routine metabolism is slowed down by the antioxidants contained in carrots.
  4. Boost immunity – Carrots are among the best immunity boosters, all thanks to their Vitamin C content, antiseptic and anti-bacterial skills. So if you have lots of them, they’ll help you fight cold, flu and other infections.
  5. Detoxify body – Eating carrots is a superb way of taking Vitamin A in. Vitamin A reduces fat and bile of liver and helps it in detoxifying body, flushing out all the waste.
  6. Improves skin glow – By now, we know very well that carrots include Vitamin A and antioxidants in abundance. These nourish our skin from deep inside and help us look glowing and much younger than our actual age.
  7. Keeps blood pressure under control – The potassium content of carrots is known to improve blood circulation in body resulting in a better performance by all the body organs. It also reposes strain on your arteries and vessels to relax your cardiovascular system as a whole, which ultimately means controlled blood pressure.
  8. Revives eyesight – This is the most well known health benefit of eating carrots. The large amounts of Vitamin A in carrots aid a better vision and reduce chances of poor night vision. The beta carotene prevents occurrence of Macular Degeneration, a widespread eye ailment among the elderly.
  9. Aids better digestion – We have already read that carrots have a lot of fiber. Fiber helps us digest our food better. Hence, those who eat carrots as a habit maintain a better digestive system and stay away from constipation and related problems.
  10. Oral health benefits – Carrots lop off plaque from teeth and also restrict dental cavities by inhibiting acid and cavity forming bacteria.

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