10 Reasons to Drink Buttermilk in Summer

10 Reasons to Drink Buttermilk in Summer

More popularly known as chaas in India, buttermilk is an amazing traditional drink which is loaded with numerous health benefits. Some of these benefits are so wonderful that after knowing them you would literally want to find excuses to drink buttermilk every day in summers. It is a drink made with curd and savored by spices such as salt, roasted cumin, curry leaves, ginger etc. In fact, I remember my mother adding fresh or even dried mint leaves to it to enhance its cooling effect in the scorching summer.10 Reasons to Drink Buttermilk in Summer

10 Reasons to Drink Buttermilk in Summer

10 Reasons to Drink Buttermilk in Summer

A delicious, healthful and home-made alternative to the unhealthy carbonated drinks or packed-juices, a glass or two of chaas if had every day in summers will surely transform the kind of summers you would have till now. A tried and tested drink in India since ages, buttermilk attracts us towards itself for more than one reason. Here are some of them: 10 Reasons to Drink Buttermilk in Summer

  1. A great way to combat dehydration – The harsh sun drains out all the water and energy out of your body. In this weather, buttermilk which contains curd, water and spices is a great way to combat dehydration and keep yourself hydrated. The good bacteria and electrolytes packed in it keep your gut moist and cool.
  2. Soothes down stomach after a spicy meal – You got to have a glass of buttermilk if you have a spicy meal in summers. Else the outside heat combined with the heat created by spices in your body can be harmful. Nothing else but a glass of cool chaas is the best way to provide some respite in this situation.
  3. Helps digestion – Buttermilk contains a superb combination of spices such as roasted jeera, pepper, ginger etc. All of these help digest better. In fact if you  feel that your stomach is complaining of some sort of indigestion, nothing works better than a glass of cool chaas on a hot summer day.
  4. Can be made easily at home – Though chaas is readily in packed forms too nowadays, but its best when prepared at home and it hardly takes any time. To make it even quicker, you can mix spices proportionately in advance in a separate container and add it to your glass of chaas every time you have it. This way you would not have to reach out to different containers for adding spices and none of them gets left out too. You can have a look at the recipe at the end of this article. 10 Reasons to Drink Buttermilk in Summer
  5. Packed with vitamins – Buttermilk is loaded with vitamins so having it is a great way of boosting energy.
  6. Fulfills calcium requirement of body – Milk contains calcium but also fat. So if you want to fulfill your body’s requirement of calcium without taking in the fat, then buttermilk should be your pick everyday. In fact, it is also good way for lactose intolerant people to provide their body the required calcium since it converts lactose into lactic acid. 10 Reasons to Drink Buttermilk in Summer
  7. An amazing way to calm down the acid in your belly – Acidity giving you a hard time? Have a small cool glass of buttermilk and take my words that you’ll feel better than ever!
  8. Good for heart health – Since buttermilk contains lots of potassium, it does a great job in maintaining your heart healthy. It even controls high blood pressure and high cholesterol levels.
  9. Boosts immunity – In some parts of our country, summers are too harsh and bring lots of diseases and infections. Having buttermilk as a daily habit does a great deal in boosting up immunity and fighting against these infections. 10 Reasons to Drink Buttermilk in Summer
  10. Its amazing for your skin – Summers falling harsh on your skin? Have a glass of buttermilk everyday and keep yourself glowing even in this fiery weather! 10 Reasons to Drink Buttermilk in Summer

And here is how you can prepare this wonderful, multi-talented, power-packed and super-delicious beverage:

You need:     Curd- one cup

                        Cold water- two cups

                        Salt- to taste

                        Black pepper- a pinch or two

                        Roasted cumin powder- 1/4th teaspoon

                        Small piece of ginger

                        Curry leaves- 2-3

                        Coriander leaves- 4-5

                        Green chilli-1 (optional)

                        Mint leaves – 2-3 (optional)

Method: Grind the spices well. Now pour the curd in a big bowl and add spices. Whisk this well so as to remove all the lumps. Now add water in stages and keep whisking for a minute or two. You can also add a few ice-cubes depending upon how cold you want your chaas to be. Pour in a glass and serve!

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