10 Reasons to eat watermelon in summer

10 Reasons to eat watermelon in summer

An amazingly mouthwatering fruit that is full of water, taste, aroma, freshness, health and the name of which is sufficient for your mouth to start watering- Yes!! We are talking about watermelon. There would hardly be anybody on this planet who is not fond of eating watermelon10 Reasons to eat watermelon in summer

10 Reasons to eat watermelon in summer

While this delicious fruit is available during all the seasons these days, all thanks to scientific advancements in farming, its best had in summers since it belongs to this season. Apart from this, I can give you a plenty of more reasons to eat watermelons in summers. So go ahead and find your reason:

10 Reasons to eat watermelon in summer

  1. Prevent dehydration – Watermelons are extremely refreshing. If you have it daily for the entire season, rest assured, you are safe from dehydration for all summers. It contains 90% water and numerous good electrolytes which prevent occurrence of dehydration and even heat strokes.
  2. Great for weight loss – Watermelons are best for calorie conscious people and those on a weight loss program. Being a low in calories and high in water content, it’s a great choice for all those who wish to loose weight. Moreover, it contains citrulline which transforms into arginine, a fat burning amino acid.
  3. Prevents cancer – When compared to all the natural sources of lycopene, watermelon has it in the largest quantities. This is a super-nutrient which has unbelievable cancer fighting capabilities. So if you eat watermelons during summers, the chances that you’re safe from cancers of breast, lung, colon, uterus, or any other organ are quite high.
  4. Strengthens bones – Watermelons are rich in potassium, a nutrient which helps in retention of calcium and hence results in stronger bones and joints. Also by now we know that it has lots of lycopene which also strengthens our bones and prevents occurrence of osteoporosis.
  5. Anti-inflammatory – Fully ripe watermelons have unbelievable anti-inflammatory properties owing to their high content of flavonoids, triterpenoids and carotenoids.
  6. Great for skin and hair – There is a lot of beta-carotene in watermelon which gets converted into Vitamin A which is very well known nutrient for its role play in promoting healthy skin and hair.
  7. Boosts vision and sharpens brain – Watermelons are loaded with anti-oxidants which do a great job in improving vision and protecting you from age-related eye-sight issues. Apart from its anti-oxidants helping in a good optical health, its Vitamin B 6 contents improve memory and sharpen brain.
  8. Lifts mood – We have just mentioned that watermelons are a healthy natural source of Vitamin B6, which is great mood-lifter. People who eat watermelons regularly and in good quantities keep themselves away from mood swings, depression, anxiety and behavior problems.
  9. Improves immunity – Watermelons contain Vitamin C in high levels which is a nutrient renowned for a good immune system. So, the next time you are enjoying the taste of watermelon, you are also perhaps empowering your immune system to fight with all sorts of germs and infections that could harm you.
  10. It’s a delicious fruit – Last but not the least, it is a super-yummy fruit and some people like me actually eagerly wait for the season of summer to be able to relish the best taste of seasonal watermelons.

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