10 Ways To Prevent Jaundice


10 Ways To Prevent Jaundice

Jaundice is a name which we often heard, but hardly pay attention over its prevention. If we love to look stylish, then why should not we stay healthy? To stay happy and fit, it is required to increase knowledge regarding health issues. Here, we are going to explore about the must-to-follow 10 Ways To Prevent Jaundice.

10 Ways To Prevent Jaundice

  1. Drink only Clean water, boil if doubt:- We oftenly ignore the importance of consuming fresh water. Instead of carrying a fresh bottle of water, sometimes we purchase from unauthorised stoles. They do not serve always fresh water. Sometimes it is contaminated. You must keep a close eye over your drinking water during the monsoons as in this season the chances of food contamination get high. Make a distance from unhygienic places and stoles serving water openly. Before drinking, make sure if it is purified and fresh. In there is doubt then you must boil it before drinking.  10 Ways To Prevent Jaundice
  2. You must always prefer Warm and home-made food :- You must prefer fresh and recently-cooked food. Avoid the food which was cooked 7-8 hours before. Stop eating out and prefer the home-made food. Not only this, the place where you eat must be cleaned. It must not be unhygienic. Be it food or fruits, they should cleaned, washed and fresh. Apart from it, properly cooked vegetables would be right to eat. To reduce the risk of liver infection, prefer warm food. You must learn the way how to wash fruits and veggies in a proper manner to stay away get affected. 10 Ways To Prevent Jaundice
  3. Vaccination Is Required if:- If you are not able to maintain the level of hygiene or wish to stay away from tension to get affected by jaundice then vaccination is right to choose. You must get vaccinated with the hepatitis vaccine along with its booster to stay fit and healthy. Vaccination is also required if you are going to travel to the place where this disease is endemic. Apart from it, if you are doing in job in a high-risk area for instance hospital or lab. It shields you and do not allow you to get affected. 10 Ways To Prevent Jaundice
  4. What is All about Your Lifestyle factors:- Yes!!! It impacts what type of lifestyle you are following. For example, if you drink then your glass should not be more than 3. Since it is essential to mention that it increase the risk of getting affected by jaundice. Take healthy diet. Eat fresh and clean fruits and veggie as much as you can. Your breakfast should be solid and dinner must be light. Maintain your weight and do not let it increase. Do not forget to do exercise on a regular basis. 10 Ways To Prevent Jaundice
  5. Maintain hygiene and sanitation is very necessary :-Though you must keep the home neat and clean, but it becomes essential if someone has got affected in your family. You can prevent it by maintaining high standards of sanitation and hygiene. Before eating food or consuming anything, you must wash your hand in a proper before eating. You must check out the ways how to wash hands in a proper way. Keep your washroom, door hand, bad sheet clean. 10 Ways To Prevent Jaundice
  6. If you are Paying Attention Towards Healthy cholesterol :-You may not believe, but yes it is true that obesity and jaundice are interconnected. Avoid fatty food since they play a wide role to increase the LDL levels. Not only this, but the risk factor regarding liver damage and fatty liver get also increased. If you are taking this kind of food then you must avoid it as soon as possible. 10 Ways To Prevent Jaundice
  7. If you are taking Proper Sunlight:-Make sure if you are not avoiding to come into the contact of sunlight. It eliminates the deficiency of vitamin D. taking proper sunlight is very helpful for the treatment of Jaundice. And it is very essential for the new-born jaundice. If you are not paying attention towards it, then it is time to consider it. In winters, do not let the chance get a slip for enjoying the sunlight. It does not only make you realized, but make your bone stronger as well as diminish the deficiency of vitamin D.
  8. Consult doctor before taking drugs:- Stay away from taking unnecessary drugs. Yes!!! Do not be a doctor on your own. Before taking any medicine, you must consult with you’re the doctor before. Taking medicine without consulting doctor may leave negative affect on your health. Your liver cells can undergo an extra stress and may lead towards jaundice. Every medicine holds its own value and that’s why it is essential to consult with doctor to assure if it suit you or not. 10 Ways To Prevent Jaundice
  9. Which type of foods you must avoid :-Tea, hot spice, red chillies, coffee etc., are the name of a few which you must avoid while suffering from jaundice. Having a healthy diet plays a wide role to keep you away from getting affected. If you are suffering from jaundice then you must avoid these type of food to get well very soon. These above mentioned food may leave negative affect on your health at time when you are suffering from jaundice. 10 Ways To Prevent Jaundice
  10. Learn How To Wash Hand :-Yes!!! There is an effective way to wash hands in order to eradicate all germs and disease-cause bacteria. You must clean your hand with the soap at least one minute. Apart from it, do not forget to rub the fingertip against your palm. Make sure your nails are cleaned. Keeping hands clean play an enormous role to not only keep you away from jaundice but other serious disease as well.

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