Do you have ever cramps know the reasons

Do you have ever cramps know the reasons
Do you have ever cramps know the reasons

Do you have ever cramp? Yes!!! I know how it is painful. Some year ago, I was suffering it and seriously it can make you rolling down tear due to pain sometime. Today, we are going to emphasize over this topic. Yes!!! We want see our readers staying healthy and fit. For this, you need to have enough information regarding it.

A Bit About Cramps

Do you have ever cramps know the reasons
Do you have ever cramps know the reasons

Cramps are temporary but sudden muscle contraction that causes a lot of pain and immobility in the affected area. It may last up to 1 minute or even hours and this is something that can be unbearable. The cramps that occur in the human body can be in the skeletal muscle or the smooth muscle. The skeletal muscle cramp occurs due to some kind of fatigue or lack of necessary electrolytes. The smooth muscle cramps are normally due to menstruation or even gastroenteritis. In case, if it happens a lot you need to head doctor. Do you have ever cramps know the reasons

Do you have ever cramps know the reasons

Have you ever try to mull why it occurs? Here, we are going to add some of the prominent reasons. There are several reasons why you may have cramps. Once you get to the bottom of the reason you can then go ahead and try to get some sort of remedy for it. Take a look.Do you have ever cramps know the reasons

  • Physical activity – Most of the skeletal muscle cramps occur due to strenuous physical activity. This can be extremely painful. You could continue to experience this pain for a few days. The good point of this is that you can easily control it. And that is why it is said that you always need to do exercise under the expert guidance. They keep guiding you in a right way. Apart from it, there is also need to be careful and follow the right procedure of doing exercise. Never try to do a new tricky exercise without any guidance.
  • Injury – Injury to any part of the body can cause you to have severe pain and cramps. If you have gone through a bone fracture and have been in a cast for a long period, then there is usually muscle degeneration. This muscle inactivity will lead to pain once the cast has been removed. The cramps tend to become severe in the night time. You need to follow the precaution advised by doctor. Keeping take care of injury will make it get faded away. Do you have ever cramps know the reasons
  • Pregnancy – During pregnancy the mother’s body goes through multiple changes. A major part of this change is body weight that increases. This increase will cause more pressure on the joints. Loss of minerals like calcium and magnesium is also something that may cause cramps in pregnant ladies. If you are pregnant, you need to keep visiting doctor to come across what things you need to ignore and what you must to do during that time. Going along with the doctor’s advice makes things a bit easier.Do you have ever cramps know the reasons
  • Blood flow problems – And the next on the list is Blood Flow Problems. Arterial diseases, kidney or thyroid disease or even multiple sclerosis may cause muscle cramps in people. Each of these causes the flow of blood to reduce and thus makes the muscles work more. This in turn gives you cramps. To get rid of it, you need to keep doing some king of exercise to make Blood flow better. Apart from it, you also need to work on your diet. Make it good so you can get the required nutrition according to your needs. You can also talk doctor regarding it without getting confused.Do you have ever cramps know the reasons
  • Medication – Certain medications can also adversely affect your system and cause you to have cramps. These include birth control pills, steroids, diuretics, etc. The pain here will range from normal to severe and may last from a few days to longer. Do not go for having any medicine without doctor consultation. Make sure that you have advised by doctor. Never ignore doctor’s advice as it is all about your health.
  • Lifestyle – We do a lot to take care of our life but even then the kind of work pressure we go through can make our bodies change. One of the many reasons to have cramps is also being dehydrated and not having potassium and calcium among other minerals in our system. Try to stay happy. Take less stress as much as it can possible. The best thing is that you need to go for following the right kind of lifestyle to stay away from it. Do not skip your breakfast or sleep due to hectic schedule as they are the basic thing to keep your body going on. Saying would not wrong that you also need to pay attention towards your lifestyle to have a healthy life.
  • Menstruation – Some of women have to go through this cramp every month during mensuration. Yes!! It is quite painful. Period pains are those that affect women who are menstruating. This pain takes place during the days of menstruation. The pain can be manageable to severe and usually occurs in the lower abdomen and back. This cramping happens after ovulation and something you may experience vomiting and dizziness too. You can head to doctor so they can advise what medicine would be right to choose. Though many medicines already available in the market but do not become doctor on your own.


Each of these reasons can be taken care of with proper medical treatment and care. You need to consult a doctor if the pain is severe. Check with your family doctor for medication or even for home remedies and changes in lifestyle. But always keep one thing in your mind that do not take medicine on your own.  So, what are you thinking know? They are not severe if you deal with them having doctor’s advice. Do not ignore as it is all about your healthy and body.Do you have ever cramps know the reasons

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