Ear Discharge – Reason and Remedy

Ear Discharge - Reason and Remedy
Ear Discharge – Reason and Remedy

Ear Discharge…one of the most common problem of ear. There are many who do not take it seriously and ignore it. But you must ignore it otherwise it may lead to a lot of uncomforted and uneasiness. Today, we have picked this topic and it is being explored in a discreet manner. Let’s go through it. Ear Discharge – Reason and Remedy

Ear Discharge – Reason and Remedy

What Is All About Ear Discharge

It is a kind of fluid that comes out from the ear. To put in other words, it is also called Otorrhea. Generally, our ear discharge earwax. And it happens because our body naturally produces it. Actually, earwax plays an important role to protect ear from dust, bacteria or other foreign bodies since it may cause uneasiness in your ear.

What Causes Ear Discharge?

Generally, it is quite natural and does not require medical need as the discharge is simply earwax which is just coming out of the body. But if it persists and not curing on its own that means you need to consult with the doctor.

  • Ear infection can be the reason of ear discharge. Infection can occur because of viruses or bacteria which can happen into the middle ear located the behind the eardrum. Infection builds up fluid and lead towards ear discharge. Ear Discharge – Reason and Remedy
  • Trauma, it may happen during ear cleaning. And that’s why it is required to do cleaning very carefully. Trauma can occurs if you push cotton swab deep into your ear. The increased pressure when you are flying in an airplane or during scuba diving. Because of the increased pressure harm your eardrum or tear. Loud noise is also responsible for trauma. Ear Discharge – Reason and Remedy
  • Moisture is one of the reasons occurring ear discharge. The people who love swimming a lot may confront this problem. Since they moisture inside your ear can break down the skin on the walls of your ear canal which allow to bacteria or fungus to get in. And it causes an infection which leads to ear discharge.

Symptoms of Ear-discharge

Here, we are going to explore the symptoms of ear-discharge. These symptoms can be seen in adult and child both. Let’s take a look. Ear Discharge – Reason and Remedy

  • Tugging at the ears
  • Experience problems while sleeping
  • Fluid drainage from the ear
  • Fever
  • Unusual crying
  • Fussiness
  • Hearing problems
  • Swelling of the middle ear

Complication Of Ear –Discharge

  • Mastoid bone infection can be happened. Ear Discharge – Reason and Remedy
  • Paralysis of the face is also possible if ear-discharge is not treated at the right time.
  • It may lead to inflammation in or around the brain. Ear Discharge – Reason and Remedy
  • It may cause of ongoing drainage from a hone in the eardrum. Ear Discharge – Reason and Remedy
  • The particular portion of the ear can get damaged which is responsible for maintaining the balance.

When To Go For Doctor

  • If discharge comes out from the ear in white, bloody or yellow hue and remains more than five days, you need to go for taking doctor’s advice. Ear Discharge – Reason and Remedy
  • Sometime ear discharge is painful as well as come along with the fever.
  • If you experience serious pain or your ear has become swollen. Ear Discharge – Reason and Remedy
  • If you are not able to hear clearly. Ear Discharge – Reason and Remedy

How Can I Prevent Ear Discharge?

  • Stay away from the people who are sick. Ear Discharge – Reason and Remedy
  • Breastfeeds protects your child from ear infections. Ear Discharge – Reason and Remedy
  • Bear earplug if you are going in an ear which have excessive noise. Ear Discharge – Reason and Remedy
  • Swimmers must take care of their ear. After coming out of the water, make sure if you have dried you ear.
  • Before touching your ear, you must wash your hands properly. Ear Discharge – Reason and Remedy
  • You must avoid smoking. Ear Discharge – Reason and Remedy
  • At the time of breastfeeding, you must pay attention over the right position of infant.

Home Remedies For Ear Discharge

  • Garlic – As we all know that garlic holds antibiotic properties which is very helpful to remove the infection. Take 2-3 garlic cloves and bring out its fresh juice. Use a dropper to put 2-3 drops of ginger juice into the ear. You must try this remedy twice in a day. It will help to heal the infection. Ear Discharge – Reason and Remedy
  • Neem Oil – It is very helpful to treat the ear-infection. Not only this, but the pain is also reduced using this. Put 2-3 drop of Neem oil in your ears and do not let it out 5-10 minutes. Ear Discharge – Reason and Remedy
  • Mango Leaf Juice – Take some mango leaf and prepare a juice from it. Slightly warm it and put 2-3 drops of juice in your ear. It will relief you. The ear pain will go away and you will get relaxed.
  • Onion –Yes…!!! Onion juice is also very helpful. What you need to do? Take a small onion and put it inside the microwave and then let it to cool. Prepare juice from it. Put the 2-3 drops of onion juice into your ear.
  • Salt – it is one of the best remedy to cure the ear discharge. And it is very easy to available. Let’s understand the procedure. Take one cup of salt and put it inside it microwave for5-6 minutes. Now put the hot salt in a sock. Then tie the open end of the sock with taking help of a rubber band. Now you should lie down and then put the sock under the infected ear. It will eliminate swelling of the ear. Ear Discharge – Reason and Remedy
  • Basil – You need to take 4-5 holy basil and crush them to get the juice. Put the basil juice in your ear.
  • Apple Cider Vinegar – Take both quality of water and vinegar to prepare a mixture. Instead of water, you may also use alcohol. Take a cotton ball and put it into the mixture and put it in the ear and take it for almost five minutes. Now try to dry your ear. Ear Discharge – Reason and Remedy

I hope the above mentioned information would be helpful to increase the knowledge regarding Ear-discharge. If you have been facing any kind of problem related ear, you must head to doctor if it does not cure even after taking home remedies. Ear Discharge – Reason and Remedy
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