Home remedies for Back Pain

Home remedies for Back Pain
Home remedies for Back Pain

Back pain…it is not a new name and we often hear it a number of times from our elders and the people surrounding us. Though we do not consider back pain is a problem that may put extra strain to your mind, but avoiding it is not allowed. Home remedies for Back Pain

Home remedies for Back Pain

Home remedies for Back Pain
Home remedies for Back Pain

Nowadays, Back pain has become a very common problem among the individuals. Though many of us avoid taking break to visit the doctor, but believe me you need to visit your doctor if having constant back pain. In this blog, we are going to inform you a lot about back pain right from its cause, symptoms to home remedy. Let’s check it out…

A Bit About Back Pain 

Back pain belongs to muscles, ligament and bones. If any of them get hurt, they lead to back pain. As per the study, the ratio of people having pain in their back is increasing dramatically. There is no particular age where you will get affected by back pain. It can occur at any age. Home remedies for Back Pain

Risk Factors For Back Pain

The points mentioned below are known for a higher risk of developing low back pain.

  • If you are engaged with a mentally stressful job Home remedies for Back Pain
  • If you are pregnant Home remedies for Back Pain
  • A sedentary lifestyle is also responsible for low back pain Home remedies for Back Pain
  • Anxiety and Depression also lead towards back pain Home remedies for Back Pain
  • Obesity, overweight and Smoking are the cause of back pain.
  • Doing strenuous physical exercise or work also increase the ratio of getting low back pain.

Signs And Symptoms Of Back Pain

These symptoms would be an experience by the patient having back pain.

  • Losing weight  Home remedies for Back Pain
  • Getting body temperature
  • Having swelling on the back
  • If resting does not help in back pain Home remedies for Back Pain
  • If Pain reaches below the knees
  • A recent injury to your back Home remedies for Back Pain
  • If you are facing urinary incontinence or experiencing Difficulty urinating Home remedies for Back Pain
  • Feeling Numbness around the genitals, anus or buttocks. Home remedies for Back Pain

How You Can Stay Away From Back Pain

  • Posture when standing – Keep a close eye over your posture? It helps you to detect if you are following the ideal posture or not. You must go along with the neutral pelvic position. Home remedies for Back Pain
  • Lifting Things – To protect your back from pain, you must aware that your legs are also bearing the weight when you lifting weights. If it is only your back, which is lifting weight, it may lead to back pain. Apart from it, you must keep in the mind that you should not lift and twist at the same time. Home remedies for Back Pain
  • Avoid High Heel Footwear: – You must not wear the footwear having high heels since the result may come into the form of back pain. Home remedies for Back Pain
  • Do Exercise: – If you do exercise on a regular basis then it is great. It is a normal but very beneficial way to shield yourself. Doing regular exercise makes your body quite flexible as well as it builds up the strength of the body. You may go along with low-impact aerobic activities too. Home remedies for Back Pain
  • Quit Smoking – Generally smokers experience the back pain in comparison of non-smokers. So, if you wish to stay happy and healthy, you must quit smoking as soon as possible. Home remedies for Back Pain
  • Body weight –What is all about your body weight as it also matter? Having extra weight increase the chance of having back pain. Home remedies for Back Pain

 Home Remedies For Back Pain 

  1. You just need to take camphor and coconut oil. Let it boil for the five minutes. Remove it from the gas stove and let it cool. You may store it in a bottle as per your convenience. You must massage it twice in a week to get rid of back pain. Home remedies for Back Pain
  2. Take a bucket of lukewarm water and add some drops of eucalyptus oil. And take a bath with this water. Doing regularly this will help you to get rid of this back pain. Apart from it, this procedure makes you free from stress too. Home remedies for Back Pain
  3. You must do Yoga based on the back. It helps to make your back pain free as well as it builds up strength too. Home remedies for Back Pain
  4. At the time of sleeping or sitting on a chair, make sure if your posture is accurate. The wrong way of sleeping or sitting not only lead to back pain but enhance it as well. Home remedies for Back Pain
  5. Swimming also helps to get rid of back pain. It is a kind of exercise. It does not pay strain over your back. Apart from it, you are supported by water which help you to get relaxed. Home remedies for Back Pain
  6. In your diet, you must add the vitamin D and calcium. They pamper your bone and make them pain free.
  7. To reduce the back pain, it is used on a large scale. Actually basil is full of Vitamin C, K, A, Calcium, Iron, Magnesium and potassium. Take 7-8 basil leaves and boil them into a cup of water. Drink it on daily basis. For taste you may one pinch salt. Drinking it on a daily basis will help you to come over the pain.
  8. Garlic oil also considered very beneficial to get relief if you have severe back pain. You can take 10 cloves of garlic and fry them into the coconut oil on low heat otherwise garlic may get fried or oil may catch fire. Now massage it on your back and leave it for 30 minutes or more if you want. Take warm bath, so it will help to take the essence deep into the muscles. Home remedies for Back Pain
  9. Ginger juice is another home remedy. You may also add honey to enhance its taste and consume it twice in a day. Drink it on regular basis to get rid of the back pain. Home remedies for Back Pain

So, what are you waiting for? Go ahead and follow these home-based remedies, they surely fetch relief for you.

Apart from the remedies, you must pay attention over your diet as it should be full vitamin D and calcium. Not only is this, but doing Yoga, Stretching and Exercise also important. If you take care of back, it will not let you in the pain.

Stay Fit and Healthy….

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