Home Remedies for headache

Home Remedies for headache

Knowing the triggers to headache only solves half of the problem, while this post is meant to solve the other half of it. If you are also the one among millions of people who suffer from those hideous headaches often, then you must go ahead reading this post.

Home Remedies for headache

And even if you are not the victim of this awful trouble, then also I would suggest you to go ahead so that you can prevent a loved one (family member/friend) from the annoyance that a headache causes. Before reaching into your pillbox for those tablets which usually have many unpleasant side effects.

Following are easy home remedies to get rid of your headache

  • Take a warm shower. It relaxes the muscles that often the cause of your headache.
  • Get head massage using basil oil, lavender oil or peppermint oil. Mix a few drops of either of these oils with coconut oil and give yourself a nice massage over forehead and neck. Your pain will reduce tremendously.
  • Paying attention to your posture is very important if you are prone to headaches. Take 5 minutes break every hour to avoid staying in one position for a long time. Move your neck in a circular motion, stretch your body or take a short walk.
  • Keep yourself hydrated as a lot of headaches are also caused by dehydrations. Take several glasses of water till the time your headache goes off. Eating lots of fruits and vegetables is also a good way to keep your body hydrated.
  • Relax your mind and move yourself to a place that is quiet, cool and dark.
  • Taking a sound sleep of 8 to 9 hours is also one the best remedies for relieving headache as many headaches are caused by inadequate and improper sleep.
  • Avoid caffeine as it further triggers headache. Having caffeine while you are suffering from a painful head is the worst thing to do as it can aggravate the problem further.
  • If you are suffering from a tension headache, you can use a hot or a cold compress (as per your preference) on your forehead and back of your neck for a quick relief.
  • Having a cup of ginger tea is an effective way to fight migraines. Ginger has anti-inflammatory properties and also helps to control nausea.
  • Eat at regular intervals. Don’t skip meals or take long breaks between subsequent meals. It helps to maintain proper blood sugar levels and relive headaches caused by low sugar levels.
  • Make exercise a habit if you are susceptible to headaches. Mild exercises such as cycling, walking, aerobics etc. for about 30 minutes thrice a week helps to relieve stress to a great extent.
  • Pop a few almonds instead of those pills as soon as you start having a throbbing head. The rationale is to provide a healthier option to your body and cure headache in a natural way.

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