Top 6 Headache Triggers


Headaches are the most common of day to day health problems. Almost every human being on this planet would have had a headache at some point in his/ her life. Headaches are of various types such as migraine, sinus headaches, cluster headaches, primary headaches etc. Some of the headaches recede on their own while some others require medication. The appropriate treatment can only be determined after knowing the symptoms of headache. Equally important is to understand the causes of headache.


If one successfully figures out the causes of his/her headache, then the annoying trouble itself can be averted by keeping away from those habits or instances.

Following are the most common and frequent headache triggers that could be messing your life up day in and day out.

  • Stress and tension are the most common causes of headaches. Your life may be stressed out because of your hectic work schedule, messy home, loud neighborhood, family issues, inadequate sleep or anything else. But finding out the reason and correcting it could help you get rid of your headache.
  • Your body and lifestyle can also make you susceptible to frequent headaches. A recent research has proven that obese people have 35% greater risk of headaches. Behavioral traits such as rigidity, aggressiveness, obsessiveness, egotism and reserve can also make you prone to frequent headaches.
  • Skipping meals or having unhealthy eating habits can also cause headaches. It is known that some foods and drinks such as alcohol, potato chips, chocolates, peanuts, pizza, dairy products, aspartame, bananas and those containing caffeine are believed to aggravate headache problems.
  • Besides improper eating habits, staying dehydrated also aggravates headaches to a great extent. This can happen as a result of not drinking sufficient water or not including fruits and vegetables in your diet in appropriate quantities.
  • Pains arising from an improper or poor posture are also one of the common origins of headache. These pains begin from neck and shoulders and gradually move up into the head.
  • There are quite a few environmental factors that can initiate a headache such as extreme temperatures, unpleasant odors, weather changes, extremely bright light, noisy surroundings etc. Though not very serious, but momentary and irritating headaches can be triggered by these reasons.

These are found to be the topmost triggering factors for frequent headaches of several types. While taking care of these can help you save from those annoying moments of a throbbing head but not act as a substitute for a doctor’s advice. Make sure you visit a doctor and follow his/her instructions and medication in case of severe and frequent headache problems.

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