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Nakkash Movie Review
Nakkash Movie Review

Nakkash is going to be favourite one if you love content-based movie over a complete entertainment package. Allah and God do not make a difference between men. The difference between human beings is human. You never do.” This dialogue of film Nakkash is enough to make the film debunk. Let us check it out more in Nakkash Movie Review in a detailed manner.

Nakkash Movie Review | 2020 Movie Counter | HD Movies Download

Nakkash Movie Review
Nakkash Movie Review
  • Genre – Drama
  • Star Cast – Inaamulhaq, Sharib Hashmi, Kumud Mishra, Rajesh Sharma, Gulki Joshi
  • Director – Zaigham Imam
  • Rating –  2/5

Story of Nakkash Movie

Alla Siddiki is a masterpiece in the carvings of Siddiqui, whose ancestors had been performing the unique carvings of temples for centuries, and Allarakha also earned a name in the same Pashtani tradition. This is the reason that Vedantji (Kumud Mishra), priest of the biggest and magnificent temple of Banaras, assigns the work of carving of the temple’s birthplace to Allarakha. Alla kept also inscribed on the forehead and wearing Hinduism, goes to the temple.

Allaraka lives with her son. His dear friend, Saad (Shariib Hashmi) runs a rickshaw and his only purpose for life is to fulfill his last wish of hajj of his father in any way. On the one hand in the city, Allaand other people like Vedantji consider both Allah and God as one, but on the other side there are people like Vishnu’s son Munna Bhaiya (Pawan Tiwari) and Police Inspector Rajesh Sharma, Alla kept in the temple, like the Muslim did not get the entry of an empty eye.

The people of Allaah’s neighborhood also consider him as infidel and this is the reason why his son Mohammed (Harminder Singh) did not get admission in the madarsa. Munna Bhaiya is in the city to seek electoral ticket through religion politics, and Alla becomes a thorn in his path. Samad Alla kept it in the absence of stole the Lord’s ornaments kept in his house, so that his father could get Hajj, but the situation becomes something that worsens the matter. Samad and Alla stand in front of each other regarding religion and action, in which Munna Bhaiya succeeds in baking his political bread.

Direction of Nakkash Movie

Director Jagmeet Imam has also added politics with the tragedy of division, which is spread through the name of the movie, Nakkash, on the name of religion. Child artist Harminder Singh, the innocent questions about God and Allah, force the viewer to think a lot.

Script of Nakkash Movie

Jyogam Imam, the writerdirector, has made a film with a good determination keeping in view the religious and social distortions and hatred spread in society today. As an author, he has done a lot of hard work and research on characters, but he could make Climax better. Although the end makes you emotional, but then the question arises that why sacrifice is required for religious harmony?

Negative Points of Nakkash

In some parts, the film seems to be slow. Artists have done a great job in acting. As the Alla kept, the inmulator has done both the character’s sensitivity and sense of intuition. By the end, you begin to feel sorry for their character.

Star Performance in Nakkash Movie

  • Sharib Hashmi is an accomplished actor and he has filled many colors in his role. Kumud Mishra has been influential in his character.
  • But Rajesh Sharma has not got the chance to do something special on the screen.
  • Child artist Harminder Singh has given the role of Mohammed very innocence.
  • In the form of father and son, the scenes of their and inmulators have become good on screen.
  • Gulki Joshi has instinctively acted in Sabeeha’s role.

Song of Nakkash Movie

Composer Aman Pant has used the song ‘Tajdare Harm’ on the spot in the film. Kailash Singh‘s background music is in line with the theme.

Why Should You Watch Nakkash 

You should go ahead to watch this movie since it advocates of social and religious concerns.

So, what are you waiting for? It is time to rush to Movie Counter and book your ticket to watch this movie to get entertainment in a great way.

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