Ten health benefits of lady finger

Ten health benefits of lady finger
Ten health benefits of lady finger

Lady finger has always been favorite among the kids. But do you know the health benefits of this vegetable so you will also fall in love with it. If NO, then you must go through the whole article to know.

Ten health benefits of lady finger

Ten health benefits of lady finger
Ten health benefits of lady finger

A Bit About Lady finger

Lady finger most commonly known as “Bhindi” in Hindi. It is used in many nutritional diets because it contains high soluble and insoluble fibers. It is rich in fiber, which mainly benefits our health. It has been a part of Indian cuisine for ages. The other names of lady finger are Bendakaya‘, ‘Vendakkai‘, ‘Vendakai‘, ‘Bende‘, ‘Bhinda‘, ‘Bhendi‘, ‘Dherashin Telugu, Tamil, Malayalam, Kannada, Gujarati, Marathi, Bengali respectively. So, if you are all set to get embarked on the journey that explore all the healthy benefits of lady finger.

Nutrition information of lady finger

Lady finger contains vitamin c, vitamin A, vitamin K, Copper, Calcium, Potassium, Iron, Magnesium, Zinc, Phosphorus, Folate, Dietary fiber, Pyridoxine and Thiamine.Ten health benefits of lady finger

Benefits of lady finger

In this section, some of the major benefits have also been explored. Let’s check it out.

  • Digestive benefits – Many health specialists recommend lady finger for its digestive benefits because lady finger is rich in fiber, it aids the process of digestion in the body by facilitating proper bowel movement.
  • Cure Diabetes – Lady finger slow down the sugar uptake into the blood due to the soluble fiber present in it. Sugar absorption also reduced by it from intestine. It also helps pancreas to produce insulin to maintain the safe amount of sugar in blood. By regulate the bile acid it also helps to lower the cholesterol level.
  • Better Immunity – Vitamin C contain by lady finger which helps to improve the immunity. It really benefits you especially in rainy seasons to improve your immunity. In children mostly disease like cold, flu etc. are mostly caused because of the lower immunity. Lady finger really helpful for you to improve immunity of your child. Ten health benefits of lady finger
  • Prevents Anemia – Anemia it is the most common occurs due to the lack of hemoglobin. Many females in India are suffering from anemia. Vitamin K, Iron and folate are the nutrients that really helps in avoiding and treating anemia. Another benefit of vitamin k is it also improves the health of bones.
  • Eyesight – The main reason behind Eyesight problems is the deficiency of Vitamin A. Beta carotene and Vitamin A that are present in lady finger are the two essential things that helps you to improve your eyesight.
  • Weight Loss – It the prefect vegetable if you are trying to lose your weight. The rich fibers and low calorie present in lady finger helpful in weight loss. High fiber level make you full for longer and low calories never deposit as fat. Ten health benefits of lady finger
  • Keep heart fit – Soluble fiber pectin present in it lowers the cholesterol level and reduces the risk of heart disease.  It also prevents atherosclerosis by helping eliminating the clots and deposited cholesterol.
  • Antioxidants – Cancer, aging and heart diseases can be prevented by taking foods rich in antioxidants. Large number of antioxidants are present in lady finger like quercetin, catechin, epicatechin, procyanidin and rutin. Antioxidants also benefits your skin. Ten health benefits of lady finger
  • Younger skin – Vitamin C present in okra helps in repairing the body tissues. In result new skin cells keep your skin younger and maintain your younger look. Ten health benefits of lady finger
  • Cure kidney diseases – If you are taking lady finger in your diet, then it will prevent from kidney diseases. Mostly kidney diseases are caused due to the Diabetes. Lady finger regulates the insulin production in your body that helps you to overcome from diabetes. Ten health benefits of lady finger

What About Other Benefits

Lady finger not only benefits body inner parts but it also helps to improve the health of hair. We included the five hair benefits of lady finger. Ten health benefits of lady finger

  • Moisturizer for Scalp – It works well for peoples with unruly, curly and lifeless hair. It makes your hair soft and harmless in contrast of cosmetics available in market. It is an excellent moisturizer for itchy and dry scalp.
  • Bouncy hair – If you want to make your hair bouncy. For this you only need to boil lady finger with some water after 5 min you get transparent mucilage, when it gets cool wash your hair with it.
  • Conditioner for hair – That same mucilage you prepared earlier can be used for it. Massage with the mucilage for ten minutes and risen thoroughly with water. It really helpful to get smooth hairs.
  • Shiny Hair – Eating lady finger regularly overall benefits your hair health. When it used as a hair rinse, gives great shine to your hairs. Ten health benefits of lady finger
  • Works as Anti-dandruff – Mucilage prepared from lady finger moisturizes your scalp and keeps dandruff away. It makes your scalp healthy and also helps in making the roots of hairs strong.

How to buy lady finger of good quality?

Before getting all the benefits of lady finger we mentioned above you should know how to why good quality? If the quality of lady finger is not up to the mark then you did get the benefits of it. Here is the quick guide that helps you to buy lady finger of good quality. Ten health benefits of lady finger

  1. Smaller Lady finger: They taste better than the larger ones. Smaller pods are tender so always look for it.
  2. Bright Color: Lady finger having bright green are usually fresh and good in taste. So, always go for pods which are light green in color. Ten health benefits of lady finger
  3. Firmness: Lady finger having tender are fresh. They are crisp and taste better than the stored ones.
  4. Unblemished lady finger: Always look for unblemished ones. They are not rotten from inside and usually fresh. Ten health benefits of lady finger

We hope this article really helps you to make you fit and also make you a smart buyer in term of buying. Sharing is caring share our article so you can benefit other. Stay tuned with us to get loaded with all latest stuffs and info.

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