Try Herbal Tea for Cold and Allergies

Try Herbal Tea for Cold and Allergies
Try Herbal Tea for Cold and Allergies

Herbal Tea is a simple and one of the healthiest beverage that helps you to fight cold and protect you from many allergic reactions. There are many variety of herbal tea available in the market, they can taste different but all packet with many nutrients compounds to affect your body positively. Chest congestion, runny nose, watery eyes and cough are the symptoms of viral illnesses like colds and flu that can infect your respiratory system. In these conditions herbal tea are really helpful to relieve the symptoms of these illnesses. Try Herbal Tea for Cold and Allergies

Try Herbal Tea for Cold and Allergies

Try Herbal Tea for Cold and Allergies
Try Herbal Tea for Cold and Allergies

Not only this Herbal teas are also benefits you in some type of allergies.  Allergic reaction like – Itchy eyes, runny nose, sneezing, congestion, Headaches etc. are also easily avoid by using certain types of herbal teas. We are going to list up all the healthy teas that helps you to make fit and fine. But before using herbal teas extensively, it is recommended to consult your physician. Try Herbal Tea for Cold and Allergies

 Top Herbal tea to counter Cold and Allergies:

  1. Ginger Tea – Ginger tea has wonderful warming effect on your body in winter season. In addition with this it also benefits your respiratory system and especially relief you if you have an upset stomach.
  2. Yarrow Tea – This is classic herbal remedy for flu and cold encourages your body to sweat and this helps your body to reduce body temperature naturally. Frequently consumption of this tea relaxes your body and also better your immunity system. Try Herbal Tea for Cold and Allergies
  3. Peppermint Tea – It is healthy way to treat yourself remedy when you have symptoms like congested sinuses, headache and nausea. Menthol present in Peppermint Tea which helps to break up congestion and also have calming and numbing effect. Try Herbal Tea for Cold and Allergies
  4. Clove Tea – Drinking clove tea have numbers of health benefits it relief your congested lungs, make your breath fresh and settle down an upset stomach. In winter if you have cold Clove tea works well for you in open up your respiratory system, so you can breathe easily. Try Herbal Tea for Cold and Allergies
  5. Cinnamon Tea – It is also one of the healthy herb, tea prepared using cinnamon tea warm your body and relief in body pain. Try Herbal Tea for Cold and Allergies
  6. Licorice Tea – Tea prepared using Licorice is naturally sweet there is no need to add sugar to it. Licorice Tea is very helpful if you are suffering from dry cough and relief from chest congestion.

How to Store Herbal Tea?

The best way to store Herbal tea in apothecary style brown or amber glass bottles. These storage bottles are also look good and give great uniqueness to your kitchen and pantry. It you can’t these kind of storage bottle then you can simple go with regular air tight plastic and glass bottles. For last long herbs storage clean the jar completely with water, leave it till dry completely and place your herb inside. Make sure to store the jar in moisture free, cool, dark environment. Try Herbal Tea for Cold and Allergies

We hope this winter you will get benefit of herbal to combat with cold. Keep sharing, this helps other to make them fit and healthy Try Herbal Tea for Cold and Allergies

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