Health benefits of Amla (Gooseberry)

Health benefits of Amla (Gooseberry)
Health benefits of Amla (Gooseberry)

Amla or Gooseberry is enriching source of Vitamin-C, Vitamin-B, Iron, Phosphorus, Calcium, Carotene. Since ancient time Amla is known for its medical properties and widely used in Ayurvedic treatments. It is a powerful antioxidant and hence provides remedies for many diseases. Health benefits of Amla (Gooseberry)

Health benefits of Amla (Gooseberry)

Health benefits of Amla (Gooseberry)
Health benefits of Amla (Gooseberry)

Since it is very good for our health it massively used by health conscious peoples. Consuming Amla frequently have very positive effect on our hair, skin, eyes. It also slows down ageing by nourishing skin and also make hair taller-stronger. If you are not consuming Amla frequently then add it to your daily diet and for your longevity.

Here Are The All Top Health Benefits Of Amla

  • Better Eyesight- If you have problem of itchy, watery and sore eyes then it time to include Amla in your diet. Nutrient content of Amla is very good for the health of eyes. It hydrates eyes and make eyes healthy.
  • Keep digestion healthy- Using Amla regularly combats stomach inflammation and neutralize the excess level of acid produced in stomach. Nutrients present in Amla keep all the digestive organs working properly and flush out all the toxic waste. Health benefits of Amla (Gooseberry)
  • Make Bones stronger- High calcium content of Amla makes it excellent food for strengthening bones. Osteoclasts content in Amla is also very low that’s why it is the ideal food to increase strength of bones. Osteoclasts are the cells that are directly related for weak bones. Health benefits of Amla (Gooseberry)
  • Keeps body cool- Vitamin-C present in Amla is three time in comparison of orange. Vitamin-C also helps in hydrating body and make it cool and not only this it also shields body from heat and light. It is superb good food for summer if you want to keep your body hydrated all day long. Health benefits of Amla (Gooseberry)
  • Cure Constipation- High fiber content of Amla make it ideal food for good digestive health. Fiber make digestive organs work properly and in result it prevents constipationHealth benefits of Amla (Gooseberry)
  • Prevents Infections- Antibacterial nature of Amla makes it best remedy for fighting Infections like Jaundice and scurvy. For keep yourself protected from infection very effectively you can drink Amla juice.
  • Cure your Liver- If your liver got damaged because of consuming alcohol, then it time to shift to Amla juice. In recent studies it is proven that regular consumption of Amla juice is very effective to cure damaged liver.
  • Slows Down Ageing- Antioxidant content by Amla reduces the effects of free radicals which damages the protein, cell membranes and DNA. It also nourishes the skin and keep generating new cells. In results we look younger. Health benefits of Amla (Gooseberry)
  • Proven medicine for cold and Sore throat- Since ancient time Amla is remedy for many diseases. If you stuck in cold and sore throat, then Amla may work for you. Take Amla juice, few pieces chopped ginger and mix with a tablespoon of honey. Take it twice a day to get rid of cough, cold and sore throat.

SO are you ready to make yourself fit and healthy. Just add Amla in your diet to take all the advantage of Amla.

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