Try these cold fighting food

Try these cold fighting food
Cold fighter foods

A runny nose, nonstop sneezing, and scratchy throat — you can’t miss the symptoms of a cold. It can give you a hard time but to help you in this matter here is what should you eat when you have cold:

Try these cold fighting food

  • Mushroom omelette with salsa – Mushroom omelette with salsa is the good choice for your breakfast. Eggs are abundant in zinc, an immune system promoter that can zap cold signs. Research reveals that zinc taken within 24 hours of the start of signs can shorten the span of colds. Mushrooms, from the button to shitake, are known as immune powerhouses. Mushrooms boost the effectiveness of white blood cells, the front line guards of our immune system. A side of tangy salsa can help you from congestion and flush out of your sinuses. Try these cold fighting food Try these cold fighting food
  • Yogurt – Probiotics are something which you can find easily in yogurt, are a cold sufferer’s best buddy as they decrease the body’s inflammatory response. Research papers published in the British Journal of Nutrition found that the helpful bacteria shortened the continuance of a cold by two days and made symptoms 34% less critical. Yoga can be used as a snack before lunch. Look for flavoured yogurt that includes 15 grams of carbs per serving or less, or go with the plain and adds a teaspoon of raw honey for best effect.
  • Broccoli with hummus and Red pepper slices – Vitamin C is not only essential for immune health; research shows it can help you in clearing up your cold faster. Broccoli, strawberries, bell peppers and citrus are especially rich in Vitamin C. Combining the veggies with hummus provide you protein, a key immune-boosting nutrient required to make disease-fighting antibodies. Having them for lunch can surely help you.
  • Sweet potato – Sweet potatoes are crammed with vitamin A, an immune-boosting nutrient that supports the body build virus-fighting white blood cells and helps keep mucous membranes fit and healthy.
  • Chicken Soup – Chicken soup can be the perfect option for dinner and your mom was always right: several studies shows that chicken soup pacifies congestion and mucous. Thank cysteine, an amino acid in chicken that promotes thin mucous in the lungs to pacify your cough and packed up nose. Additionally, the hot soup prevents dehydration and can alleviate a sore throat. And as a bonus, a study paper published in the journal Chest shows that your soup doesn’t have to be homemade to be active, the soup from supermarket brands work too. Try these cold fighting food

For a nice drink after dinner, you can opt for hot water with lemon and honey (1 tablespoon honey, a wedge of lemon). Honey not only help you in calming your sore throat but also tastes good and a healthy choice, several studies shows that hot water with honey and lemon can calm your cough. According to one study, it lessened night-time coughing as efficiently as cough medicine. Additionally lemon adds a hit of cold-fighting vitamin C.

In this winter having all these options in your daily routine can really help you in fighting cold.

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