07 Reasons to go Singapore

07 Reasons to go Singapore
Singapore Skyline at blue hour

Whenever you ask someone to tell his/her favorite place which they wish to visit, mostly will love going with Singapore. Have you ever contemplated, what the thing is making this city the dream city of many. People have always been luring to visit Singapore all across the world. A Bit About Singapore –  Singapore is an amazing island to be on in this year and there are several reasons for it. The Lion City as it is famously called has all the makings of a great holiday destination. Get set to be amazed by the beaches, the nightlife and the culinary delights that are on offer here. If you wish to enjoy all these things at the same time, you must go for it.  So here are 7 reasons to visit Singapore this year. 07 Reasons to go Singapore

07 Reasons to go Singapore

07 Reasons to go Singapore
07 Reasons to go Singapore
  • Culinary delights –  For the food lovers, it is just a great boon. Singapore does not disappoint when it comes to the culinary delights it has to offer. There are several eateries, hotels, restaurants to choose from that offer local as well as international cuisine. You will find fine dining in Michelin rated restaurants here too to excite your taste buds. To taste variety of things, you must head to this city without mulling a lot. If you have been looking for the best place to give party, then this one is right to go. Your guests will never forget that party as the dishes are going to very tasty. 07 Reasons to go Singapore
  • Cultural inclusion – Singapore is the melting pot of not only cuisines but also culture. From the Chinese New Year to the Hari Raya Pausa holiday of the Muslims up to the Hindu festival of Diwali, everything is celebrated with fervor. The city is in celebration mode during the festival season and it’s something you shouldn’t miss when in Singapore. Saying would not wrong that it has emerged as the inspiration for the world. Singapore is giving a strong message that all religion are equal and they all must be treated in the same way.
  • Shopping bonanza – How many of you love shopping? I am sure there would be many of you. Ok.. so this time chuck your local market and go for something different. Saying would not wrong that it is a great place to buy some memorable gifts for your friends. Shop till you drop when in Singapore. This place is great for shopaholics and everyone else too. There are high end retailers as well as affordable shops that cater to all. The Great Singapore Sale is something that everyone waits for. The best thing is that here something are also available at the affordable prices. It means buying things will not put extra burden to your pocket at any rate.
  • Art festivals – After going a lot of enjoyment, you may wish to come across something that can sooth your body. Singapore is showcasing a lot of new talent in the art field. This is through the creative festivals like the Art Week, Singapore Writers Festival, Neon Lights and the Ultra Music Festival. Each of the mega events will mesmerize you and keep you engrossed in the beauty of the arts. So, what are you waiting for? It is time to come across the best art festivals and you will love to be part of them. They will teach you a number of things.
  • Parks around – Singapore is one of the cleanest cities in the world and the parks there are the best. I am damn sure that you will get speechless seeing it. Every corner of this city is too cleaned and let us learn that how we can keep our country cleaned. The Gardens by the Bay is the number one attraction that has more than a million plants. The parks give you a great relaxation and a relief from the bustling city. Take in the sites of the city from the viewpoints here in the park. You must visit it parks to accumulate many things regarding it.
  • Explore the neighborhoods – Singapore is a mix of the modern and the traditional. Saying would not wrong that it is a true amalgamation. The skyscrapers of the city give way to the quaint neighborhoods that have the traditional settings and that take you back in time. Check out places like China Town, Tiong Bahru and Dempsey Hill for shops with a heritage look and lots of traditional architecture. The best thing is that you will come across many layers of this place that you may not get in written form. You have to experience this in a practical way. 07 Reasons to go Singapore
  • Theme parks – Be it adults or kids, Singapore will excite you with its fun filled theme parks. The Universal Studios Singapore, Wild Wild Wet and Haw Par Villa are all great theme parks that have something for everyone. Get moving and let the inner kid in you jump with excitement. If you are going with kids, it a great place to get engaged. Stepping up to these theme parks give you chance to enjoy a lot of things. Apart from it, you get chance to click many pics with your loved one to make it a wonderful memory

In The Last – Singapore has so much more to offer you other than these 7 reasons. You need to get to Singapore to explore all the things and make it a memorable holiday. The nightlife, wildlife, parks, sporting events, museums, family friendly attractions and the architecture will all make you want to return to this wondrous place. So, what are you waiting for? All these above mentioned 7 things are enough to lure you to step up to Singapore. And you must not skip this place if hunting the best place. 07 Reasons to go Singapore

If you have already visited and wish to share something with us, you are most welcome. We love hearing you. Have A Happy Reading…Stay Connected With Jiyo Pal Pal..    07 Reasons to go Singapore

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