10 Spectacular destinations in India during monsoon

10 Spectacular destinations in India during monsoon
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Monsoon is something that makes anyone feel happy. The cloudy weather and the lovely environment can make you go crazy. The thing cannot be ignored that it is considered the best time to visit the lovely places. You must not miss the chance. Here, we are going to emphasize over the places that you can choose to go ahead in monsoon in order to make your journey memorable. 10 Spectacular destinations in India during monsoon

A Bit About The Lovely Places 

10 Spectacular destinations in India during monsoon
10 Spectacular destinations in India during monsoon

India has the most stunning destinations which should be visited by every traveler who loves to get drenched in rain. All these places are full of mountains and hills which are covered with thick greenery, the lakes with crystal clear water makes it marvelous and beautiful scenic to be visited.The following are

10 Spectacular destinations in India during monsoon

1.Coorg – It is the most spectacular hill stations of Karnataka and the fascinating hill station in India.

  • It is full of coffee large farms which makes this place best hill station to be visited in the monsoon.
  • The lovely place is here to make you go ahead crazy. If you have been looking for the best place, it is right place to go ahead. 10 Spectacular destinations in India during monsoon

2.ShillongShillong is a place has always been quite popular among the visitors. You do not need to think that much since it comes up with the best experience for you.

  • This place is situated in Meghalaya and has the most beautiful landscape which looks stunning during monsoons. 10 Spectacular destinations in India during monsoon
  • The foggy clouds, dense greenery and the turbulent waterfalls are the major reasons to visit this place.

3.Munnar – When it comes about the lovely place, this thing cannot be ignored that Munnar is too lovely to go.

  • It is a heaven on Earth situated in Kerala and that is why you can experience that how beautiful it is.
  • It is has a marvelous landscape with green tea farms, fog covered mountains and perennial waterfalls are the best attractions of this place.

4.The Valley Of Flowers – The name is too beautiful and will leave you speechless. The best thing is that it will make you get filled with the happiness.

  • It is situated in Uttarakhand and most mind-blowing destination on Earth. We all know how Uttarakhand is too lovely.
  • It is best to travel here in monsoon as more than 400 types of flowers bloom this time.

5.Udaipur – When it comes to go with the best place, the list will not considered complete without adding Udaipur to this list. It is being mentioned here that why it is popular that much.

  • Udaipur is situated surrounding of Aravalis and it is famous for its beautiful lakes. As of now, many have visited and always appreciate the beauty of lakes.
  • In monsoon it becomes more spectacular and you will surely get lost in mesmeric beauty of this place. The peaceful environment will bring happiness to you and you will love to extend your visit.

6.Alleppey – It is known situated in Kerala which is known as the “Gods Own Country”, the monsoon makes this place more beautiful and you should surely go for a backwater cruise along the lakes, canals and rivers. It is a lovely place to go with family and friends and you will love enjoying it.

7.Kodaikanal – Kodaikanal is blessed with the eternal beauty and you must not miss it. You must make your visit to this place.  Kodaikanal has always been popular among the visitors for its incredible beauty.

  • It is known as ‘The Gift of the Forest’, and in monsoon this place’s beauty can charm you in and out.
  • If you are fortunate then you can also experience a rare thing known as ‘Brachem Specter’, where you can actually view yourself in the clouds. This is truly magical. 10 Spectacular destinations in India during monsoon

8.Cherrapunji – It is also known as the Scotland of India apart from being the wettest place with the highest range of snowfall. 10 Spectacular destinations in India during monsoon

  • Its landscape is just wow…with the presence of dense forests, orchids and much more attractive natural beauty. Do not forget your camera since you can catch here beautiful pics without any issues.
  • You can’t miss a romantic walk in this place and experience the unrefined beauty of Meghalaya. Go their with your partner to have a lot of fun and enjoyment. 10 Spectacular destinations in India during monsoon

9.Wayanad – Wayand is a hill town which is situated in Kerala which settles amidst of Western Ghats. The beauty of this place will leave you speechless. 10 Spectacular destinations in India during monsoon

  • This place is flourished with serene beauty, wildlife, adventurous activities and ever flowing water falls. There is a lot of things that make you fall in love with this place. 10 Spectacular destinations in India during monsoon
  • Tourists visit this place not only to enjoy the rains but to view ‘Neelakurinji’ which is an eye catching blue colored flower which blooms one time after 12 years. 10 Spectacular destinations in India during monsoon

10.Orchha – Orchha is just perfect to be visited during monsoons. The rains transform the barren Malwa plateau into green and lovely spot. In monsoon, this place looks just incredible. You will love here to be.

  • This place is blessed with the best topography and serene beauty. The lovely atmosphere will make you go crazy. This place is ideal if you love to get in dipped with the tranquility of mind. It is so beautiful and will rule over your heart. 10 Spectacular destinations in India during monsoon
  • It is also visited by many to view the ancient temples, monuments, palaces and other structures which depict the architecture of the golden era. It means this visit can target two aims at the same time.

Conclusion – I hope this article have instigated you to travel in these places in the recent monsoon, so just pack your bags and move ahead to get drenched and experience a blessing in disguise by the rains , the gift of nature.

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