The Best national parks in Meghalaya

The Best national parks in Meghalaya
The Best national parks in Meghalaya

Meghalaya is one of the best places as it is blessed with breathtaking natural beauty and weather. One who comes here, fall in love with this place easily. Prominent for its richness in wildlife, Meghalaya national parks have sundry varieties of flora and fauna. It is also quite popular because of having the best national parks. 

The Best national parks in Meghalaya
The Best national parks in Meghalaya

Significance of National Parks

These national parks do not only provide us with an opportunity of uncovering the wilderness of the nature, but are also illustrious for the scenic view of the charming and pleasing hills, which makes Meghalaya a perfect tourism place. Saying would not wrong that it target a two aims at the same time. Opaque and impenetrable forests altogether with a massive collection of valuable floras are a forte of the Meghalaya sanctuaries and national parks which become a great source of gratification for all the renowned zoologists, naturalists and botanists. Although being the home to diverse species of animals and birds, national parks and wildlife sanctuaries are considered to deteriorate the atmosphere, but national parks in the district of Meghalaya continues to heighten the alluring beauty of the wildlife of Meghalaya. Here, we are going to cite the name of the prominent one here. Take a look –

The Best national parks in Meghalaya

1. BALPAKRAM NATIONAL PARK – Balpakram national park was initiated in the year 1987 and is spread over an area of 220 square kilometers at a height of 300 feet. The foremost attraction that steal the hearts of the populace are its wide varieties of flora and fauna which includes butterflies, wild bison, wild cow and elephants and various herbs and shrubs popular for its medicinal properties. The Best national parks in Meghalaya

Why To Visit 

  • Being a place to reside for many rare and tropical species of fauna, this national park attracts thousands of people and makes it a perfect spot for tourism. The Best national parks in Meghalaya
  • The ideal time to visit Balpakram national park is anytime in between April to June when the park glows flamboyantly with diverse flora.The Best national parks in Meghalaya
  • The place also captures the attention mainly because of its mysteriousness and enigma and is considered as a sacred place by the Garo tribes.

2. NOKREK NATIONAL PARK – Nokrek national park also well-known as Nokrek Biosphere reserve is situated in the district of Garo hills and is 2 kms away from Tura peak. Adding itself in the list of UNESCO’s biosphere reserves in the year 2009, the name of the park in itself is enough to leave you spellbound.

Why To Visit

  • The most highlighting feature about this park is that it is one of the kind biosphere reserve in the entire north eastern region of India.
  • This national park supports sundry species of reptiles, invertebrate animals, mammals and avifauna such as clouded leopard, golden cat, wild buffalo, serow, pangolin and many more.
  • The endangered Red Panda of this national park is very catchy to the eyes of the visitors. Seeing the Panda means getting fall in love with the beauty of nature. They are too sweet actually.
  • The tranquility of this park would enable the one to engage and completely absorb him into the surrounding.

3. SIJU BIRD SANCTUARY – Located in the hilly regions, Siju bird sanctuary of Meghalaya is a perfect destination for those who take pleasure in watching the miscellaneous species of birds. To get showered with the tranquility of the brain, nothing can be greater than it. The place is about 450 kms from Shillong.

Why To Visit

  • At Siju bird sanctuary, one can witness a wide range of native birds and in winters, several migratory species including Siberian Ducks, Grey Hornbill and Peacock Pheasant.
  • Apart from the magnificent bird species, the region is adventurous activities like trekking, river rafting and fishing.
  • Great time to visit Siju bird sanctuary is during winters when migratory birds abandon their hot native lands in search of cold places.

4. NONGKHYLLEM SANCTUARY – Nongkhyllem sanctuary is well-known for its rich biodiversity becoming a paradise for migratory birds which mesmerize sundry of tourists towards it. Nongkhyllem sanctuary of Meghalaya is extended over an area of 29 square kms and is situated in the Ri- Bhoi district near Lailad village.

Why To Visit

  • One can record a vast variety of mammals, avian, rodents, reptiles in this sanctuary including Royal Bengal Tiger, Indian Bison, Himalayan Black Bear and many more. It means you will not get bored at any rate.
  • You also come across some exclusive flora and fauna which are not the original inhabitants of India but were brought from foreign lands. The Best national parks in Meghalaya
  • It also draws the populace because of its forest highly infested by leeches.
  • One can explore this vibrant wildlife sanctuary in the months of March and April and may proceed to visit it.

5. BAGHMARA RESERVE FOREST – The next to fall in the list is Baghmara reserve forest which is located at a distance of 4 kms from the town of Baghmara. The word ‘Bagh-mara’ is formed after a Bengal tiger being killed by a local and hence the name of this forest is suggestive in itself. It is quite popular among the people who wish to see the Bengal Tiger. You must go with your family to have a lot of fun and enjoyment.

Why To Visit

  • It is widely praised for elephants moving in herds. And if you go with family and friends, it will add more happiness to your journey. The Best national parks in Meghalaya
  • The forest is a home to animals like Langur and Elephants and the most noticeable thing about this forest is the carnivorous pitcher plant. The Best national parks in Meghalaya
  • Planning to visit here in the winter season is perfect as this season makes to visit place.So, what are you waiting for? It’s time to say YES to these national parks to know nature closely. These parks will not let you get bored at any rate. There are number of things to keep you engaged. The Best national parks in Meghalaya

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