Nahan: A calm and romantic hill station

Nahan: A calm and romantic hill station
Nahan,Himachal Pradesh

The scenic hill town of Nahan is situated in the state of Himachal Pradesh and is the headquarters of the ancient Sirmour District. This beautiful town sits in the midst of the Shivalik mountain range at an average altitude of 932m above sea level. It is known for its picturesque surroundings and stunning views of the Himalayan Mountains. It is wrapped around romantic tales and myths. Nahan is a calm and quaint hill station that offers boat rides and walks around gorgeous bungalows and into undiscovered forests. Nahan: A calm and romantic hill station

Nahan: A calm and romantic hill station

Nahan: A calm and romantic hill station
Rani Tal Shiv Temple,Nahan,Himachal Pradesh

Famous Tourist Spots

  • Renuka Lake: The lake situated about 38km away from Nahan, is the perfect place to enjoy raw nature and boating. It is the largest natural lake in Himachal and is moulded in the form of a lounging woman, which is reckoned to be a personification of goddess Renuka. Nahan: A calm and romantic hill station
  • Churdhar Peak: It is a delight for trekking and rock climbing fanatics. It sits at a height of 3650m above sea level and is a 50km trek. It can be accessed from Dadahu, Sangarh, Bhawal, Gandhuri, and Nauhra.
  • Rani Tal: Popularly known for its Royal last, Rani Tal, with its relaxed and tranquil surroundings is perfect for picnics, with joyful boat rides in the Lake. Nahan: A calm and romantic hill station
Rani Tal,Nahan,Himachal Pradesh
  • Suketi Fossil Park: This park is for the life science and fossil maniacs. It is a place that preserves life-sized plasticized fossils on the actual site of fossil discovery. The fossils here date back to 150,000 years. It lies 21km away from Nahan. Nahan: A calm and romantic hill station
  • JaitakFort: Built in 1810, this fort sits on the top of the Jaitak hills. It was built using the material recovered from the Nahan fort after it was raided and destroyed. It is located 25km away from Nahan.
  • Giri Nagar: Almost about 5km away from Dhaula Kuan, it is known for accommodating a power house with a capacity of 60MW. The electricity generated by this plant is used by Himachal Pradesh along with Uttar Pradesh and Punjab. Nahan: A calm and romantic hill station
  • Jagannath Temple: One of the prime attractions of the town, this temple was built in 1681, and is devoted to Lord Neel MahadavNahan: A calm and romantic hill station
  • Jamu Peak:Another popular attraction of the town, this Peak offers spectacular views of the Renuka Lake from the top. Situated almost 8km away from the lake, the Peak is home to a small temple where it is believed that sage Jamadgani meditated. Nahan: A calm and romantic hill station

The Trilokpur Temple, the Simbalbara Wildlife Sanctuary, Shudh Dhar Shiv Mandir, Kaisthan Temple, The Mall Road and the Villa Round, some other popular tourist destinations in and around Nahan.

Fairs and Festivals

  • Bawan Dwadashi : It is a very popular fair of Nahan celebrated in September, wherein 52 idols of the local gods from the temples in Nahan are carried in palkis to Jagannath Temple of Bada Chowk Nahan, the place where idols are floated in a pool. This festival is celebrated in the memory of Vaman, the 5th incarnation of Lord Vishnu. Nahan: A calm and romantic hill station
  • Gugga Peer Fair: This festival is commemorated in Nahan in glory of Gogaji, who is also famous as Gugga, a folk deity of RajasthanNahan: A calm and romantic hill station
  • Jamta Fair: This fair is orchestrated by the Gram Panchayat in the village Jamta before Dussehra. It is also known as Jamta Mela, where numerous players from different states of India participate in a championship. At night, many cultural performances are held which the students of local schools take part in.

Best Time to Visit

The ideal time to visit Nahan would be during winter months, between December and March, the temperature ranges from 3-17 degrees. The autumn months, from September to November, are also good to explore the place with favourable weather conditions and the temperature ranging from 6-27 degrees, and occasional mild showers throughout October. Nahan: A calm and romantic hill station

How to Reach

  • By Road: There are regular bus services linking Nahan to other towns like Shimla, Chandigarh, Shimla, Dehradun, Delhi, and HaridwarNahan: A calm and romantic hill station
  • By Rail: The closest railway stations are Ambala, at 100km, and Yamuna Nagar. Bus and taxi services are available from the station to Nahan. Nahan: A calm and romantic hill station
  • By Air: The closest airport is in Chandigarh, almost 100km away. One can complete the rest of the journey by a bus or a taxi. Nahan: A calm and romantic hill station

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