05 perfect healthy snacks to reach for after long flight

05 perfect healthy snacks to reach for after long flight
05 perfect healthy snacks to reach for after long flight

Be it a business deal or just a vacation maintaining perfect healthy snack after the long flight journey is a big challenge. Avoid unhealthy food, Healthy snacks are always a part of tired journeys. Just because disembarked doesn’t completely mean that the body will bounce back instantly. Especially when landing one has to make sure to eat right food that too in the long flight journey is, one has to definitely take a proper care.

05 perfect healthy snacks to reach for after long flight
05 perfect healthy snacks to reach for after long flight

Refusing food upon arrival may not help in recovering the long journey tiredness.  Even though long flights are stressful and tiring and it is hard enough to stay comfortable all the time. After the long flight, it’s necessary to plan for a food that provides the necessary elements to the body.

  1. Hydrating Foods- Juices or water – Most of the flight journey may cause dehydration and it is the amplitude especially on long flights. Indeed, taking lots of water may be ideal, but makes one feel discomfort visiting restroom on the flight. After the journey eating, lots of hydrated food can help in replenishing the lost fluids in the body. 05 perfect healthy snacks to reach for after long flight

Eating fruits and vegetables can hydrate the body or any snacks or dishes made from fruits or vegetables can work well. In addition, they also provide required nutrition and few of the best-suggested fruits are apple, watermelon, grapes, and pineapple. A bowl of mixed salad can provide complete hydration to the body which acts as one of the best snacks after the long flight journey. List of hydrate food is –

  • Cucumber – Go for this to feel fresh and amazing.
  • Mixed Green Salad – This one is just amazing as it takes your energy level up.
  • Tomato Sauce – This is another one which does not only add great taste to your food but hold incredible values with itself. This one also counted as a healthy snacks.
  • Chicken Noodle Soup – Who would love to deny this one as it can make you get filled with great energy in no time? 05 perfect healthy snacks to reach for after long flight
  • Eggplant – Go for this if you are health conscious and wish to get showered with great feelings.
  • Applesauce – This is also one of the most important things to have in this list.
  • Zucchini – Do not forget to add this one to your list in order to have great experience.
  • Cantaloupe – For the people who love having delicious taste, need to go with this one.
  • Popsicle – Without mentioning this, list would not beget completed.
  • Watermelon – This one is not only juicy but brings amazing benefits to you as well.
  • Bell Pepper – Add this one too has always been considered must to have as it energizes your body.
  • Pear – this is another jam-packed with great abilities and also considered rich in water. If you are contemplating to head out, you should go ahead with this one. Keep it in your bag to have when you want.
  • Romaine Lettuce 05 perfect healthy snacks to reach for after long flight
  • Pineapple – It is just amazing in taste and come up with its incredible properties. Those who love pineapple can go with this since it is going to benefit you incredibly.
  1. Protein- Boiled-eggs – Sitting on the plane for a long time is one of the tidiest activities. And when it overcomes to the jet lag that is most often experienced on long flights and exhausted journeys. The digestion system might have also become slow therefore taking appropriate proteins can help in overcoming this. Many of you might not know that a boiled egg might be small, but it is just incredibly packed with required vitamins and minerals including potassium, iron, zinc, vitamin E, and folate.

It seems essential to mention that a boiled egg is usually loaded with 6.29 grams of protein and hold 78 calories. Moreover, this is important to mention that a hard-boiled egg is a kind of amazing food hold which can refuel your body as well as help to control hunger. Egg is right to eat in order to get rid of inflammation as well as it also

Half boiled eggs are the best source of protein without containing any fatty acids or sugar substances in it. Dairy products along with protein-rich snacks like roasted fish and tomato stuffed with creamy tuna salad are the best choices. Milkshake and chocolates can also help in restoring proteins in the body, making one feel comfortable and refreshed. 05 perfect healthy snacks to reach for after long flight

Why Eat Protein?

  • Protein plays a major role to form the structure f cells as well as it also builds and repair tissues. Protein also play a crucial role in respect of overall health including enzymes, hemoglobin, and hormones.
  • When you have the protein-containing food, it gets broken down into individual amino acids. And our body uses this amino acids in order to rebuild according to our body needs.
  • It is very much necessary to have a great amount of supply of protein since our body has been designed in way that it is not able to store amino acids.
  1. Carbohydrate- Sweet Potato and Almond Butter Sandwiches – As everyone is aware that carbohydrates provide instant energy to the body, thereby boosting the immune system. So preparing snacks that are made out of Carbohydrates like sugar and wheat flour can really restore the energy levels. Sweet Potato and Almond Butter Sandwiches is rich in carbs that definitely increases energy levels. It also has added nutrition of Vitamin E, iron and rich in vitamin A. 05 perfect healthy snacks to reach for after long flight

Surprisingly the carbohydrates will provide complete nutrients and energy without the roller coaster ride. Making the snacks more delicious by adding proteins to carbohydrates helps in counteracting jet lag and long flight journeys. The preferred snacks made out of Carbohydrates include whole wheat bread, recipes made out of brown rice, whole grain pasta, crackers, and oatmeal. 05 perfect healthy snacks to reach for after long flight

Advantages of Sweet Potatoes

  • It seems essential to mention that white potatoes and sweet potatoes hold a high amount of starch. In comparison of the vegetables, it comes up with incredible amount of starch.
  • Research also says that sweet potato can be regarded as Superfood since it comes with factors with itself.
  • If talking about the amazing things about sweet potatoes, they always come up having high fiber content.
  • Moreover, sweet potatoes also come up with vitamin A, Vitamin C, and Manganese, Glycemic Index of About 50, increased adiponectin in the body and so on. Adding it to healthy snacks will surely bring the major benefits to you. 05 perfect healthy snacks to reach for after long flight
  1. Slow burning carbs- Berries – To get relaxed after a long journey one has to consume slow burning carbs in the diet. This can be included with high-glycemic fruits such as pineapple, dry fruits, mango, and bananas. They can be just crashed so as to add the required amount of carbs to the body.

Berries are also considered the best food available on earth and you should add it to your diet without getting contemplating too much. First, berries are loaded with incredible antioxidants. Berries can play a major role to enhance your blood sugar as well as insulin response is also increased. Berries are also jam-packed with fiber. Berries also come up with nutrients including calories. Vitamin C, manganese, Copper, vitamin K, and folate. The antioxidants available in them play a major role to fight inflammation.

Do you know that you should add different types of berries to your snacks on daily basis? Here, some of the important berries’ name you should add to your breakfast. Take a look –

  • Blueberries
  • Acai Berries
  • Bilberries
  • Strawberries
  • Blackberries
  • Cherries

Especially berries are the wonderful choice because they do not contain sugar along with rich substitute of fiber. In addition, they also have antioxidant properties in it. Without causing any discomfort like a healthy carving or spiking the blood sugar levels these snacks will help in maintaining slow carb burning

  1. Stomach Soothing- Almonds – For most of the people does the stress of long flight may result in upsetting stomach thereby making them feel uneasy? Therefore, it is necessary to give the required amount of food that balances both fluid and energy consistency. Moreover, it is difficult to have dinner or lunch that includes heavy diet in it. So to eliminate this discomfort one can have Bananas, applesauce, toast without butter or ghee, and rice that gently works out well.

Almonds always come in two varieties like sweet and bitter. Sweet almonds are always used in variety of recipes in Asia, the U.S., and the Mediterranean. Though you may use the right one according to your choice and taste. Almonds are a great source of vitamin E, copper, magnesium, and high-quality protein and this is why they are considered best to have. 05 perfect healthy snacks to reach for after long flight

The best thing is that they also hold high levels of healthy unsaturated fatty acids along with high levels of bioactive molecules. It would be better to have almonds putting them into water. It seems essential to mention since almonds come up with great things including fiber, phytosterols, vitamins, other minerals, and antioxidants. Studies also say that fiber play major role to help to keep to stay away from cardiovascular disease. And that is why it can be said that almonds are healthy to have. 05 perfect healthy snacks to reach for after long flight

Almonds are always rich in fat, fiber, and proteins which is a complete healthy snack to reach for after the long flight. Alternatively, one can also prefer some type of smoothies like any sort of milkshakes that include strawberries, blueberries, and even out means. In addition to this one can also prefer soothing snacks like yogurt, pasta without sauce, potato without toppings and soups. Keep in mind to avoid fatty food such as fried items which contain high amounts of citric acids in it.

A Few tips to stay healthy in flight

It is equally important to balance body condition before and after flight journey. The following tips may help in lots of ways.

  • As already said have lots of water and keep hydrated so as to avoid further complications of health issues. Drinking plenty of water will help in combating the negative impacts of recycled air while and the journey. You may also go with other beverage you loved to have. This way helps you to stay safe and healthy.
  • Take proper meal or have light food that does not disturb the stomach. Yes!!! This is another thing that you should follow. Always go with light food since it does not let you in trouble. The light food always makes you feel good.
  • The flight journeys may be boring, so one can have a good nap without getting disturbed with their surroundings. This even makes one feel comfortable after the landing. Apart from it, you may also have a good collection of songs and books so you would not get bore while traveling.
  • On the long flight, one can move around and have stretches so as to feel comfortable. This is another way to go for having a great journey. So, when you will be landing, you would not have any issues.
  • It seems to be a great idea to skip boozing. As it may create a feeling of sluggishness and woozy.


Because of lots of restrictions in security measures everywhere in the airport it has become common to spend lots of time at airports. Even though there are many ways to manage to eat at airports, but choosing appropriate food can help in balancing body levels. Most importantly, it is necessary for every traveler to have a balance in recovery after a long flight journey. As mentioned here the snacks will definitely help in giving appropriate balance and make them feel at ease. However, the post-flight snacks will help one to feel great and make the trip an outstanding one.

So, what are you waiting for? It is time to go ahead for having a great journey. And do not forget to follow these above-mentioned ideas, as they will seriously help you to have a great journey.

We are waiting to have feedback from your side. If you are having any great ideas, then do not forget to share it with us.

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