07 ways to live longer and look younger

07 ways to live longer and look younger
07 ways to live longer and look younger

In past few decades the average life expectancy rise to 80 which is much higher than compare to approximately 45 years in 1900. With healthy lifestyle we can achieve longevity and also look much younger than the actual age. But it is also a bitter truth that as you live long there are many health problems surrounds you like – arthritis, memory loss, hip fractures etc. All these conditions are normal with ageing. But it is not mandatory that you have to face these problem when you grow old. 07 ways to live longer and look younger

Genetics, environment and our lifestyle are the three things that control how faster we age. Some peoples look 40 at the 60 some 40 years old look 60. Genes are pass through from our parents so we can’t control them but we can control our lifestyle and environment. 07 ways to live longer and look younger

07 ways to live longer and look younger
07 ways to live longer and look younger

07 ways to live longer and look younger

  • Reduce stress – In recent years it is proven that stress is our number one youth buster. There are many daily source of stress like 24×7 communication devices, heavier workload, higher costs of living, reduce family time etc. All the chemicals release with in body due to stress accelerates aging process. In today’s era everyone is going through excess stress but how we manage that stress really matters. Being over competitive and trying to do too many things at the same time, are the some reason of having excess stress. We all have some limitations, so sit back take, few deep breath and relax your body mentally and physically.
  • Say no to Smoking – We all know about the ill effects of smoking on heart and lung, but very few of us know that smoking also increases the rate of aging. It not only shorten the age of yours but also the lives of those around you who breathe left over smoke. Smoking dehydrates the skin that fast the aging of it. For shake of you and your loves one life quite smoking. Quitting smoking is one of the hardest things to do. You can take help of specialist for get rid of smoking effectively. 07 ways to live longer and look younger
  • Get plenty of sleep – Using communication devices 24×7 really effect you sleeping pattern. Unhealthy sleeping pattern effect your body badly which can result in headache, memory loss, body pain, increase blood pressure, cause depression etc. it is still remained scientific mystery, why actually we need to sleep? But it is believed that it is important for maintain a healthy memory, to relax your body mentally and physically. It is now known that sleeps helps embed in our brain the things we learn during the day. The ideal duration we need is about seven to eight hours each night. There are many reason of not having health sleep, few of them are using mobile phone just before sleeping, extensive consumption of caffeine, stress.
  • Healthy eating habits – The food we eat daily have vast effect on our body. If we consume healthy food that it work for us in reducing aging process. Add food which are high in antioxidant, Omega-3, calcium, vitamins. To increase the antioxidant intake of body you can go with beverages like green tea, red wine etc. to hydrate your skin just simply make habit of drinking of plenty of water, coconut water is also work for you. For balance diet you can add fresh fruit, meat, dairy product, raw vegetables, eggs etc. in your daily diet to make yourself fit and energetic. 07 ways to live longer and look younger
  • Exercise daily and remain active – Exercising daily is equally important as having balance diet. Doing physical activity daily helps you to utilize the food you consume. In recent studies it is proven that doing exercise daily can reduce nearly 12 mental and physical health conditions and slow down aging. Brief Vigorous exercise can reduce cellular aging by preventing the shortening of telomeres which are directly linked with several health problems like coronary heart disease and diabetes. Simply jogging early in the morning helps you to maintain your blood pressure and it also helps you to make your bone strong by absorbing Vitamin-D due to sun exposure. Swimming work best if you want to lose weight by burning fat. For healthy life style make habit of doing exercise daily. 07 ways to live longer and look younger
  • Best anti-aging medicine is laughter – In recent studies it is concluded that hearty laugh can relax our entire bodies for up to 45 minute after. Laughter actually trigger healthy emotional and physical states in our bodies. It also work as stress buster by decreasing stress hormones in addition with this it also increase immune cells and infection- fighting antibodies. Laugh also increase the functionality of heart by increasing blood flow and functioning of blood vessels. 07 ways to live longer and look younger
  • Be Spiritual – It don’t matter form which religion you belong, spirituality always helps you to calm down. It works like meditation, our body, mind and spirit need moments of quiet reflective peace. Sitting quietly in a room alone let you feel yourself from inside, the power of such moments can’t be underestimate. Spirituality helps you in clarify our busy lives and in giving vision to our lives. 07 ways to live longer and look younger

Here are all the top sevens ways to live longer and look younger. You can go with all these ways to make yourself younger and for your longevity. Keep supporting us this motivates to write more life changing articles like. Share this with your friend and family to keep them healthy and fit. 07 ways to live longer and look younger

So, what are you thinking now? It is time to add these tips in your life to bring a great change to your life. We all need to understand that nothing can be important than paying attention towards health. If you are fit and healthy, you may enjoy all luxury.

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