10 Health tips in summer time

10 Health tips in summer time
10 Health tips in summer time

Summer has got started….and we all are looking for ideas how to stay cool. But Do you know there is a great need to follow health tips in summer apart from staying cool?

10 Health tips in summer time
10 Health tips in summer time

And avoiding them may lead towards health issue and sometime they can be severe. In this blog we are going to shed light over how to take care of your health by following simple 10 Health tips. To know all of them, you have to go through the whole blog. So, why should we wait more? Let’s have a look….

10 Health tips in summer time

1. What To Do Hydrate Your Body

In summer, dehydration is one of the very common problems. And staying away from this problem is not a quite tough. You just need to a little bit creative. Must Follow 3 These Following Tips.

  • Make a habit to drink 8-10 glasses of water daily.
  • Add fresh juice, curd and traditional beverage like Aam Panna, Lassi, and Mango Shake etc., to keep yourself cool from inside.
  • To keep your body summer-ready when you step out, add a pinch of salt and one tbs sugar in every glass you drink.

2. How To Protect Your Skin

Stepping out in summer means having suntan, rough skin and blemish. To take care of your skin, you must keep some points in your mind.

  • Have a scarf with yourself to cover your face tightly to come directly in the contact of the Sun.
  • Rub your face with ice to get relaxed and cool.
  • Have an umbrella and sunglass in your bag.
  • Do not forget moisturise your face daily.
  • Go along with a traditional face pack like cucumber, potato, orange peels etc.

3. What is all about Hair Protection

In summer, taking care of hair is also necessary to maintain its shine and health.

  • In a week, pamper your hair with Henna Paste. Be sure, it is natural and chemical free.
  • Rubbing Curd is another option to make them shinier and dandruff free.
  • Do not avoid trimming otherwise they will not look beautiful as you want.
  • Carry summer oriented cool hair style to make yourself stylish.

4. Pay Attention towards your diet

Taking good diet is considered quite essential as it keeps your immune system very healthy and make it stronger. Yes!!! We all know that we must add fruits and vegetables in our diet but many of us avoid this factor. Instead of avoiding it, you must add green vegetables and fresh fruits in an attractive manners. Check out the factors mentioned below.

  • Dalia: – It is perfect breakfast and lunch both. It is easy to digest. It can be made salty and sweet both. To make delicious salty Dalia, you can add more green vegetables to it.
  • Fruit Salad having sweet curd: – To make yourself cool, it is another easy-to-make incredible dish.
  • Salad: – Eat salad as much as you can. And you must add cucumber, beetroot, onion, tomatoes, broccoli etc.
  • For Lunchbox: – It becomes a major reason of headache that what to prepare for Launch Box. But trust me, it is not a big issue. Do you know why? Since there are many light and healthy recipes for instance, MoongDal Chilla, Utapam, Besan Chila, Oatmeal Chilla, Wheat Floor Chilla and much more. These recipes are very easy to make and they serve to add more vegetables to stay healthy.

5. Bed Time Cleansing to have a healthy skin

Before moving towards bed, you must go through cleansing of your skin at night. It helps to remove dust and bacteria. And makes your face pack more effective over your face.

  • To have great cleaning, you must take help of quality based products.
  • Natural scrub are considered quite helpful to have pimple free face.

6. ExFoliate to make your skin smooth

Yes…we all know that summer is synonyms to get increase the dead skin cells. And that’s why removing dead skin is quite important otherwise you may expect how you would look having dead skin. There is no need to buy any expensive product, but using a light scrub made from oatmeal, milk and yogurt is enough to bring the glow of your face back.

7. No Need to say No to Exercise in summer

There are many who think that in the summer avoiding exercise is cool. But let me clear you, it is not fair from any prospective. Though the temperature gets increased in this weather but it does not indicate towards doing less exercise.

  • Yes!!! You can do one thing and that is, you should pay attention for bringing variation in your workout. Instead of going for heavy workout, you may turn towards Yoga as it brings a great change and makes you feel relaxed.
  • If you love dancing, then replace your heavy workout with dance. Here, you can target two aims first you will love to enjoy it and second it will make your mood. You can join it with your friends in order to add more fun to it. In starting, you may take help of dance teacher but after learning you are allowed to go on your own.

8. Make A Habit of Washing Hands

Some of us do not understand the value of washing hands. Instead of taking it very seriously, we do not leave any stone to avoid it as it requires a bit hard work from your side.

  • Before eating anything, wash your hand from antibacterial shop like Dettol, sevlone, medimix, lifebuoy etc.
  • Must keep a sanitizer inside your beg to wash your hand anytime, even if you do not have water to use.

9. What type of clothes you need to attire

Always carry apparels which are lighter in shade and made from cool fabric like cotton. This type of fabric is considered cool for summer as it does not soak moisture, but keep your skin safe to get infected by rashes or itching.

10. Do not rub your eyes

In summer, eye infection is another common problem.

  • To stay away from it, keep your eyes safe from dust and wear sunglass whenever you go out. Put ice cube or piece to make them cool.
  • To bring dust particles out, you must splash water into your eye instead of rubbing your eyes.

So, my dear friends…the all above mentioned are required to follow in order to get blessed with good health even in summer.

Well!!! What type of you follow? Do not skip chance to share with us. I always wish to see my all the lovely readers stay happy, healthy and cool.

Stay connected with JiyoPalPal for the latest updates….We will come back to you with the next fresh article…Till then, take care and be healthy….Have a happy Reading…

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