10 Sign Your Body Lacking Water

10 Sign Your Body Lacking Water
Drink more Water

Summer is on its boom. Stepping out of the home has become too tough. We all are following all possible ways to keep the body temperature cool and normal. But do you know how to find out if your body is suffering from a water deficiency or not. If you do not know then you must check out the whole blog. It is jam-packed with all sorts of essential information you need to know in order to follow a healthy life style.10 Sign Your Body Lacking Water

10 Sign Your Body Lacking Water
Drink more water

10 Sign Your Body Lacking Water

1. If You Have Bad Breath And Dry Mouth – It is going to less water in your body which can be determined if you have bad breath along with dry mouth. Many of you may find difficult to associate bad breath to lacking water.

  • But it is true. It happens as your body does not find able to produce enough saliva which hold antibacterial properties.
  • Lacking water leads towards less saliva, which is the main cause of bad breath as bacteria starts build up in your mouth.
  • To put in another words, it works as a lubricant which keeps the mucus membranes in the throat hydrate and stay away your mouth to get dried.

2. Dehydration Leads To Headaches And Light-HeadednessHeadaches is another one of the possible signs that your body needs water. Actually, dehydration reduces the flow of oxygen as well as blood to the brain, which is quite necessary to keep conscious.

  • When the flow of blood and oxygen gets slow towards the brain, it starts headaches and light-headedness.
  • Next time when you feel headaches, instead of taking pills you must go for drinking a plenty of water.
  • Dehydration reduces the amount of fluid surrounding brain, which play a wide role to protect it from mild bumps.

3. Water Deficiency Means ‘Brain Fog – The word Brain Fog stands for the stage where the mind does not go smoothly. It becomes hard to think, communicate and even concentrating.

  • Since we all know that our brain holds 90 percent water. In the case of lacking water in the body, it starts affecting the decision making power, mood and memory.
  • Not only this, but you find tough to communicate, think and concentrating over any particular point.
  • As per the study, lacking water in the body leads to feeling faint, fatigue and hard to sleep. The state of mood gets changed frequently.
  • Because of dehydration, you feel hard to perform the given task. The way of working brain gets changed as it starts fluctuating.

4. Sudden Food Cravings – Water deficiency starts making you confused as your mind gets affected because of it. Though you are thirsty but you feel like that you are hungry. The confusion between hunger and thrust occurs as your mind does not perform accurately. Your mind starts sending incorrect signal to your brain. When you lost required water and electrolytes, you start finding salty food as the salt has diminished from your body. In summer, you must keep remembering to take salty water in a day on a regular basis if your work associates to the field work. You must prefer sports drink as it is loaded with sodium or lemon juice having salt.

5. If The Colour Of Urine Has Got Changed – If you are not feeling to urinate every few hours, it indicates towards dehydration.

  • Taking enough water means you will go to the toilet about 4-7 times in a day.
  • If you do not do this, the toxin levels will get increased in your body.
  • To stay away from increased toxin level, you must head to drink plenty of water in a day.
  • Apart from it, if the colour of urine gets changed means it is the lack of water in the body.
  • If there is no lack of water in your body that means the colour of your urine will remain light and clear.
  • On the other hand, the dark yellow or amber-colour urine depicts the situation of dehydration.

6. Feeling Uneasy And Lethargy – The water deficiency makes you feel quite lethargic. You feel less of stamina and finds tough to cover a distance. Dehydration makes you feel sleepiness and dizziness. Because of lacking water, you find very hard to sustain.

7. Dry Skin Occurs Because Of Water Deficiency – Dehydration leads to dry skin including your lips. If you drink enough water, you will feel less requirement to moisturize them. But if you are not taking enough water, they will get dry again and again within very short time. Skin starts to lack of elasticity because of lacking water. The reason behind dry skin is that water gets reduced through sweating and moisture starts to diminish.

8. Accelerated Heartbeat – Because of lacking of water, your heart rate and performance start getting affected.

  • Due to water deficiency in the blood becomes more viscous and reduces plasma volume and they affect the blood circulation in your body and accelerate your heartbeat.
  • The electrolytes get changed in your body which put extra stress over your heart and the heart palpitations get increased.
  • It also happens if you are in panic or anxiety.

9. Constipation And Other Digestive Issues – In case of dehydration, the stools can become quite harder. Due to loss of water, you feel heartburn and uneasy. Drinking plenty of water keeps you away from this situation.

  • Water plays an enormous role to the digestive system as it works as in lubricate. Drinking plenty of water means keep the digestive tract stay clean as well as flexible.
  • It keeps you away to get affected from constipation.

10. Are You Suffering From Joint and Muscle Pain – To stay away from joint and muscle pain, you must go along with a healthy habit of drinking plenty of water.

  • In case of decreasing the ratio of water, you bones start grinding against each other which tend to joint pain.
  • If you drink plenty of water, you will not come across muscles pain or joint pain while running, jumping etc.

If you feel any of the above mentioned signs, you must pay attention over drinking plenty of water. We will come back with another informative post…Till then Stay Healthy and Happy…
Have a Happy Reading…

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