Kolkata the capital of India’s west bengal state

Kolkata the capital of India's west bengal state

Kolkata….When we hear this word, various images start revolving in mind like delicious Roshgolla, magnificent Hawarh Pooja, huge celebration of Durga Pooja and much more. Here, we are going to add more to your knowledge regarding Kolkata, which will lure you to schedule a visit to Kolkata.

Kolkata the capital of India’s west bengal state

Kolkata the capital of India's west bengal state

Places Which You Must Not Skip

  • Howrah Bridge The introduction of Kolkata cannot start without taking name of Hawarh Bridge. And when it comes about visiting Kolkata, the name of Howrah Bridge comes in mind first. It is a famous landmark and also known as Rabindra Setu. Kolkata the capital of India’s west bengal state
Kolkata the capital of India's west bengal state
  • Jaldapara Wildlife Sanctuary – Do you love to explore the wildlife closely? You need to head Jaldapara Wildlife Sanctuary as you can find here various species like Indian Elephant, Sambar, Indian Bison, Royal Bengal Tiger and much more. Kolkata the capital of India’s west bengal state
  • Birla Temple – It took 26 years to complete and very much popular all across India. This beautiful temple is loaded with Lord Krishna and Radha. To get blessed with their grace, you must head to Birla Temple.
Kolkata the capital of India's west bengal state
Birla temple
  • Eden Gardens – We all know the name of this cricket field which was established on the arrival of the British in India. It is one of the largest capacity cricket ground in the world.
Kolkata the capital of India's west bengal state
Eden garden
  • Jarosanko Thakurbari It is the accommodation of Thakur belong to Tagore family. It was established in the 18th century by the grandfather of Rabindranath Tagore. Kolkata the capital of India’s west bengal state
  • Park Street – It is flooded with various restaurants and pubs which is enough to make it an attention grabber. It is visited by a number of visitors every year. Kolkata the capital of India’s west bengal state
  • Indian Museum The largest and oldest museum in India and you must not skip it. It holds six sections which further categorised into 35 galleries loaded with paintings, mummies, artifacts and antiquities.
Kolkata the capital of India's west bengal state
Indian museum
  • Victoria Memorial – It associates to the memory of Queen Victoria and accomplished in 1921. It demonstrates an unique amalgamation of Mughal and British architectural styles.
Kolkata the capital of India's west bengal state
Victoria memorial

The Prominent Religions Places

  1. Pareshwanath Temple – It is also called Calcutta Jain Temple, which is considered one of the major religious place in Kolkata. There is a total number of four complexes in temple.
  2. Kalighat Kali Temple – This precious temple is dedicated to Goddess Kali and it almost 200 years old. This temple is considered the most sacred and it is regarded with huge respect among the visitors.
  3. Bandel Mosque – It was established by Haji Mohammad Mahasin in between 1841 to 61. It holds a giant tower having wide entrance. Kolkata the capital of India’s west bengal state
  4. Sheetalnathji Jain Mandir – It was founded in 1867 and regarded as the beautiful temple. The eye-catching architecture is all set to leave you speechless. The exquisite artwork is worth to visit and see it.
  5. Sri Mayapur Chandordaya Temple – It is another Hindu temple in Kolkata. This temple is dedicated to Lord Krishna established by International Society for Krishna Consciousness called ISKON.
  6. Adi Brahamo Samaj Prayer Hall– It was established in 1881 and known for serving the great message. Here, anyone can come without considering the religion, cast or age. Adi Brahamo Samaj Prayer Hall is known for teaching us the great lesson. Kolkata the capital of India’s west bengal state
  7. OnKarnath Temple – It is situated in Sagar Island and high in demand among the devotees. One should not avoid to visit this temple. Kolkata the capital of India’s west bengal state
  8. Vidyasagar Smiriti Mandir – It is located conveniently on Vidyasagar street, which is one of the three campuses of Vidyasagar College of Women. Earlier, it was residence of Pt. Iswar Chandra Vidyasagar.
  9. Nakhoda Mosque – It is the largest mosque and widely popular all across in Kolkata.  It fetches wide attention because of having great interior and exterior. The main entrance is made up of red sandstone.
  10. Thanthania Kalibari – it was established by Shankar Ghosh in the year of 1803. This amazing temple is dedicated to Goddess Durga. Every year, this temple is visited by a number of devotees every year.
  11. Armenian Holy Church of the Nazareth – If you are going to visit Kolkata, you must not forget to step in this church. It is also considered the oldest church in this beautiful city.

7 Prominent Reasons Why You Would Fall In Love With Kolkata 

  1. Kolkata is also known for a great habit to go to bad late and wakes up late. Kolkata does not believe in taking stress. Kolkata the capital of India’s west bengal state
  2. Though it is loaded with a number of unparalleled elements but it never puts burden over your pocket. It means where it is accommodation, transport or food, everything is easy to afford.
  3. Kolkata is also widely popular because of its culture and literature. It is the same place which belongs to Rabindranath Tagore, Satyajit Ray etc. Kolkata the capital of India’s west bengal state
  4. To taste the Best fish curry. Yes!!! It is one of the most important reason to visit Kolkata. This lovely place is widely known for serving delicious food at reasonable prices. If you are going there then you must taste it.
  5. What about Roshgolla and mishit doi? When it is dipped in the sweet syrup of Kolkata, it becomes very tasty.
  6. Though Durga Puja is celebrated all around India but in Kolkata it is celebrated on a large scale. It does not matter what is your age, gender or caste, all are invited to take part in celebration.
  7. The people live in Kolkata are known for serving the heart for others. They pamper strangers with love and affection. Kolkata the capital of India’s west bengal state

Near by places to visit 

If you have explored Kolkata and hold some extra time to visit the places adjacent to Kolkata, then you may go for making a stroll at Digha, Sunderbans Delta, Chandangar, Nabadwip, Murshidabad, Bishnupur and Shantiniketan. They are ideal places to add memorable moments to your journey. These places help you to know more about this beautiful place.

Fair & festivals in Kolkata

  • Durga Puja – Kolkata is widely known for its grand celebration of Durga Puja. It is celebrated in the month of October. On this auspicious day, people wear new cloth and get indulged in worshipping of Goddess Durga.
  • Book fair – Since this land is also hold great culture and contribute in Indian literature, Book fair is celebrated on a large scale. People all across the country come to see it.
  • Festival Of food – In Kolkata, food festival is also very popular and add glam to the beauty of this city.

The best Time to Visit Kolkata

If you wish to schedule a visit to Kolkata then month in between October to March would be right. They are considered ideal to explore the beautiful place. Goddess Durga symbolises good over evil as well as strength. When you come here, you must not miss Durga Pooja celebration.

How To Reach Kolkata

  • By Air Netaji Subhash Chanda Bose International Airport is located at Dumdum and connected to the major cities of the country.
  • By Train The prominent rail head are located in Howrah and other at Sealdha. It is well-connected to the prominent cities of the country.
  • By road It is accessible through road as well. One can reach by road as it is well-connected to the major cities of the country. Bus service is also available.

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