Notebook movie review

Notebook movie review
Notebook movie review

And there is another movie on the floor to entertain you in a great way. You will love it because of its concept. We are talking about the recently released Notebook. Trend is always followed in Bollywood. For a long time, Hindi was shadowed on Hindi films and now the filmmakers have begun to take an interest in the stories of Kashmir. Salman Khan Production’s ‘Notebook’ directed by Nitin Kakadar is also worn on the Kashmiri Backdrop. Let’s check it out more about this movie in a discreet manner.

Notebook movie review

Notebook movie review
Notebook movie review
  • Genre – Romance
  • Star Cast – Zaheer Iqbal, Pranutan Bahl
  • Director –Nitin Kakkar
  • Rating –  3/5

In the recent release ‘Hamid’, where Kashmiri issues were thrown through the finding of a lost father, Ashwin Kumar’s ‘No Fathers in Kashmir‘ will be seen showing the pain of Kashmiri people in the coming weeks. While issues related to Kashmir are highlighted in the other films, the notebook has been decorated with a story about KhitabiPyaar. You may not see this love in the digital world, but this ‘Idea of Love’ will surely attract you.

What About The Story

The story of the movie ‘notebook’ starts with Kashmir, where one day Kabir (ZaheerIqbal) calls a phone that he will have to fulfill his father’s dreams by coming to his ancestral house. Upon reaching home, he realizes that in the school where his father Kashmiri was realizing the dream of educating the children, he is no longer a teacher there. Actually, Wooler Public School, built between the beaches of a lake, used to work for the education of children ever without a power, water and mobile network, i.e. Firdous (PranutanBehl). After the departure of Paradise, the responsibility is given to Sir Kabir (ZaheerIqbal). While teaching children, a handbook appears in his hand and after that Kabir’s life changes completely. In fact, he had a notebook of pyridos and in it he had made statements in his own opinion about the life-style of life. After reading that notebook, Kabir gets a deep love from Paradise. Later, Paradise also falls in love with Kabir. The most interesting thing is that these two have never seen each other. Can I find this pair of romantic love or not? You need to watch the movie to know it.

Direction Of The Movie

Talking about the direction, director Nitin Kakkar has touched the issues of Kashmir as well as the issues of Kashmir. Here we are going to tell you that ‘notebook’ is the Hindi adaptation of Thai movie ‘The Teach’s Diary’. The film’s plot is interesting, but there is a lack of screenplay. The depiction of unseen love is very romantic, but it has taken a lot of time to develop it, although the humor has been presented in a different style. Cinematographer Manoj Khatoi’s camera seems to be very happy to see the delightful views of Kashmir. Nitin Kakkad Climax, who has made films like ‘Filmsistan’ and ‘Friends’, do not forget to give a message by firing guns in water, that there should be a gun or books in the hands of Kashmiri children?

What About The Performance 

Talking about acting, both of them look like fresh faces Zaheer and fresh flowers. Salman Khan has always been giving the industry two talents to new talent, and this can be called his refreshing search. All actors in the film have made the story enriched by their acting.

Song of The Movie 

Songs have become good in the music of Vishal Mishra. And you will enjoy these  songs.

Why Should You Go For This Movie 

If you are fond of romantic movies then you can see this movie. This movie will not disappoint you.

In The Last –

So, what are you waiting for? It is time to enjoy this movie with family and friends. Stay connected with the Jiyo Pal Pal.

Have A Happy Movie Time …

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