Follow Healthy Lifestyle to Live Longer

Follow Healthy Lifestyle to Live Longer

Everyone wants to live longer and healthier, is it really possible to do so by just changing some of your lifestyle habits? Yes, according to science it is possible. In this article, we are going to over those tips that help you to live longer. Follow Healthy Lifestyle to Live Longer

Follow Healthy Lifestyle to Live Longer

Follow Healthy Lifestyle to Live Longer
  1. Start your day with jogging – The first thing you can do to live longer is, start your day with jogging. According to health experts running plays a special role in increased longevity. Jogging helps by pumping the blood throughout your body and increase your heart health. In a study, it is concluded that the person who jogs is 25 to 40 less likely of early death in comparison of person who didn’t jog. One of jogging adds seven hours in your life if you do it four times in a week. Not only this running maintain blood sugar, regulate blood presser, increases bone density, increase lung functionality etc. Follow Healthy Lifestyle to Live Longer

Moreover, Jogging is quite helpful in various ways and it has been mentioned below such as –

  • To keep you stay away from Hypertension and Heart Disease
  • It reduces to chances of having Some Cancers
  • Jogging also play a major role to keep you safe from Infectious Diseases
  • For Diabetes patients, Jogging is a boon
  • To improved mental Fitness
  • To make enough capable to handle Stress
  • It also helps you to Lose Weight and Reduces Body Fat Levels.

Overall jogging is the best lifestyle change you can do for longevity.  And that is why you should add it to your lifestyle for sure. When there are innumerable benefits to jogging, why should not you add it to your life?

  1. Say “HI” to Sun – Coming into contact with sunlight helps you in the absorption of Vitamin-D which is very important for your bone health, getting through depression and increase immunity. Due to work and change in lifestyle, we are now less likely to come in contact with sunlight. According to doctors, you have to spend only 15 to 30 in minutes outside in sunlight to fulfill your daily need of Vitamin-D.
  • Getting exposed to Sun means the ratio of heart disease will get reduced.
  • Mental health is also getting powerful by getting exposed to Sunlight.
  • Yes!!! it is true that sunlight also helps a lot to build strong bones
  • And the most important thing is that it also helps to heal skin condition.

So, what are you waiting for? Yes!!! You can do it very easily with jogging just get is a park, where sunlight can fall on your body and rest the process of producing vitamin-D is done by your body. Follow Healthy Lifestyle to Live Longer

  1. Increase your Protein intake – Protein helps in building muscles, so you should eat natural food which has a good amount of protein. To increase the quantity of your protein intake you can eat nuts, pulses, meat, egg etc. avoid the synthetic protein by processed food and protein shakes. As in study at Harvard, it is observed that peoples who it plants protein are at risk of heart-related disease in comparison to people who it processed a source of protein like sausage and hot dogs. Also always give preference to plant protein unlike animal protein, plant protein contain all nine amino acids that body can’t make of its own. Plant protein also has many health benefits likes decrease risk of cancer, maintain blood pressure and eliminate the risk of heart diseases.

And the major benefits of increasing your protein intake are –

  • Eggs – Do add eggs to your diet since they are among the healthiest as well as most nutritious foods on the planet. Follow Healthy Lifestyle to Live Longer
  • Almonds –If you love dry fruits, do add almonds as they are a popular type of tree nut and loaded with protein intake. Follow Healthy Lifestyle to Live Longer
  • Chicken Breast – And do not forget to add chicken breast to your lifestyle. Yes!!! this is loaded with a great intake of protein. Chicken breast is one of the most popular protein-rich foods and adding that to your food.
  • Oats. And Oats are also among the healthiest grains on the planet and it is also easily available in your kitchen. and you should not avoid to have it. Follow Healthy Lifestyle to Live Longer
  • Cottage Cheese – Make your diet a bit healthier and tasty and go ahead for having cottage cheese.
  • Greek Yogurt – Do not you think that you should also add greek yogurt to your diet. This is quite tasty as well.
  • Milk – And the next on the list is Milk which is full of protein intake and you must have it to get an ideal amount of milk. Follow Healthy Lifestyle to Live Longer
  • Broccoli – Do add broccoli to your diet in order to make it tastier and healthier.
  1. Add nuts to your daily life – Some people believe that nuts are high in calories and that’s why they are not good for your health. But it is misconception having nuts in a certain amount according to your height and weight nuts helps you to achieve great overall health and not only this it also reduce this of some kind of disease like a respiratory disease, cardiac problems and reduce the risk of cancer. Walnuts are a great source of antioxidants which helps make your heart health. Follow Healthy Lifestyle to Live Longer

Let’s know more about-about the importance of nuts to your daily life in a discreet manner.

  • It reduces the risk of coronary heart disease by nearly 30 percent.
  • According to the study, it also helps to mitigate the ration of cancer by 15 percent.
  • And the best thing is that it also reduces the risk of premature death by 22 percent. And it shows that how having nuts is beneficial for your heart.
  • And having nuts also take the risk of dying from respiratory disease low by 50 percent. Say bye-bye to respiratory issues by adding nuts to your diet.
  • Studies also show that it also reduces the risk of diabetes by nearly 40 percent.

Nuts are also a good source of plant-based protein. It is also proven that having nuts in your day to day life increase health of your brain. So, if you have been circumventing the importance of having nuts, you need to once again.

  1. Add some Spice to your life – Spices are a great thing that you should use to make yourself healthy and leads you to longevity. Cinnamon and Turmeric are best spices that can benefit your health in huge amount. Cinnamon is known for very health benefits like reducing the risk of type-2 diabetes, improve insulin sensitivity in the body and reduce the LDL cholesterol level. On the other hand, Tumeric has tremendous health benefits like it can reduce swelling, reduce joint pain, make heart healthier and its anti-inflammatory properties are incredible. The aging process of the body is accelerated by inflammation and turmeric anti-inflammation properties help in counter inflammation. So, to conclude you can say that Turmeric can slow the aging process of the body. Now you have great reason to add spice to your food. Follow Healthy Lifestyle to Live Longer
  1. Say no to smoking – We all know the bad effect of smoking on the human body. It can cause you a number of health issues from respiratory to cancer not only this it also triggers fast aging and many heart diseases. There is much another health risk which is not visible in short span of time but in long run, they can suffer you a lot. In long run, due to smoking, you can suffer from damage to blood vessels as well as genetic code, organ system failure. Follow Healthy Lifestyle to Live Longer

Would not you love to know the best ways to get rid of this annoying habit? If yes, then check it out –

  • Use joking sarcasm – Yes!!! This way can help you a lot to get rid of the bad habit of smoking.
  • Do Ask People To Help You – Do let other people know that you want to quit smoking. Ask them to remind you the same thing in case if you forget. the more you do aware your loved ones about your decision, the more you will get benefitted. Follow Healthy Lifestyle to Live Longer
  • Choose A Strong Reason- Yes!!! You need to find out a strong reason that why should not you do smoking. For this, you have to consider all of your life journeys. Once you come up with a solid reason, it becomes easy for you to stay goal oriented instead of getting confused with the irritating things. And you need to keep this repeating to yourself. Follow Healthy Lifestyle to Live Longer
  • Consult Doctor – You may book an appointment with a doctor if you are not getting benefitted following all those above-mentioned tips. The doctor can examine you and suggest the best medicine and treatment get rid of this annoying habit. But make sure that you are having any medicine or drug to chuck this habit. Always consider the medicines or drug prescribed by a doctor.

It is very important to stay away from this kind of habit and you also have to conscious that you should never inhale the smoke if someone near you is smoking. As it has the same effect on your health as you are smoking.

  1. Learn to deal with stress – Nowadays everyone is going through stress whether it is school children or an office going person, stress has no connection with age. In today’s fast going life you should understand that there is no way to get rid stress the only thing you can do is to manage and handle your stress rightly. A higher level of stress can trigger body chemical imbalance which can result in many types of diseases, sadness, emotional breakdown and many more. Follow Healthy Lifestyle to Live Longer

Let’s know about the easy tips to handle stress in a great way –

  • Avoid Caffeine, Alcohol, and Nicotine – Do avoid all these things since it would not help. Moreover, you should add fruit juices to your daily lifestyle to stay fresh and active.
  • Indulge in Physical Activity – Okk…you are just done with the work stress and wish to add some more in your life. Take a break and go for either vacation or get yourself indulged in any of your favorite activity.
  • Get More Sleep – Do not compromise with your sleep. Yes!!! you need to have good sleep. Having enough sleep keeps you healthy mentally and physically both at the same time. Sleep recharges your battery and makes you able to think in a great way to come up with the best solutions.
  • Try Relaxation Techniques – Why should you keep yourself indulged in work every time. Go ahead and do relax.
  • Talk to Someone – To handle stress, this is the great way that spares some time and talks to the person you find trustable. You may talk to anyone whom you find enough to understand you. talking is quite helpful as it takes your stress away and makes you get filled with positivity.
  • Keep a Stress Diary – Yes!!! This is next important thing. In case, you are not able to share your secrete with anyone, then you should go ahead to share it with your stress diary. Do keep adding whatever you go through. Writing down in the diary makes you feel like you have shared your pain with someone special.
  • Take Control – Do not lose your control since it can worsen the situation. Have patience and cool mind to get over the stressful situation. You may also do meditation as it helps a lot to learn the best ways to control. When you get to control your emotions, it makes you able to take the right decision.
  • Manage Your Time – And the more you manage time, the more you will remain happy and satisfied. This is very much important if you wish to get over your stress-related issues. When your all work will be done on time, you will feel relaxed and happy. So, this point also needs to understand that why it is necessary to manage your time.

The important thing is that you should know how to manage your level of stress so that your body didn’t get affected by it and helps you to live longer. Follow Healthy Lifestyle to Live Longer

  1. Get some good sleep – Busy lives, high work pressure, stress etc. lead to the uneven pattern of sleep which result in the lower metabolism of the body. Every individual should take at least seven to eight hours of sleep each night. Good sleeping habit benefits your body in several ways of these are good immunity system, lower the risk of heart disease, obesity, digestion problems and also helps you to get rid of depression. In addition to all these good sleep also increase the level of your body energy and you will feel refresh after having good sleep. Follow Healthy Lifestyle to Live Longer

You may know but there are some prominent benefits of having good sleep and the prominent ones are being mentioned below. Let’s check it out –

  • Improve memory – Yes!!! It plays a major role to improve your memory in a great way. Studies say that a good sleep is quite powerful to improve your memory. When you have good sleep, you find that your mind is working in a great way and having a great memory.
  • Live longer – Do you wish to live longer? If yes!!! then go ahead and do have some more sleep. Having good sleep means you would have a healthy life.
  • Curb inflammation – And another benefit on the list is that it curbs inflammation and makes you feel quite better before earlier. Follow Healthy Lifestyle to Live Longer
  • Spur creativity – To become more creative, you absolutely need good sleep and you cannot go without that. If you have been thinking to increase your creativity ratio, you must increase your sleeping time to feel great.
  • Be a winner – Since you want to be a winner every time, you need to give rest to your mind in order to think in a fresh as well as quite a sharp way. Follow Healthy Lifestyle to Live Longer
  • Improve your grades – The more you do hard work, the more you need sleep. If you have have been studying thinking you would be able to perform best in your exam. You need to think twice. You also need to spare enough time for sleeping too in order to get grades increased.
  • Sharpen attention – Too sharp your attention skill, you need to pay attention towards you sleep.
  • Have a healthy weight – Yes!!! This is the next thing you need to keep in mind that healthy sleep makes possible to go with a healthy weight.
  • Lower stress – Do you wish to decrease your stress rate to feel good, do have some good sleep.

So, for longevity, a person should maintain a healthy habit of getting sleep of seven to eight hours.

Last Words

Apart from all this, you also need to make sure that you are not using the mobile and phones and laptops etc a lot since they also affect mental health. You need to maintain a healthy distance from them. Follow all these simple and effective healthy lifestyle changes to increase the change of living longer.

Do not forget to share your feedback on this topic as we love hearing from your side.

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