10 Foods That Cut Belly Fat

10 Foods That Cut Belly Fat
10 Foods That Cut Belly Fat

It has been years that you are trying hard to get rid of a few inches from your middle but all your efforts turned out to be fruitless? You do the toughest work-out to get that perfectly slim waistline.. You’ve cut down on all the oily, fattening and spicy foods that could be the culprit..

10 Foods That Cut Belly Fat
10 Foods That Cut Belly Fat

But your target still appears to be too far-fetched? There must be something that’s going wrong.. Belly fat is perhaps the toughest flesh of our body, scaling down of which is nothing less than climbing a mountain.. But not anymore because I am sure that I know what has been going wrong! You have still not started nourishing your body, especially the belly area with some of these belly fat cutting foods.

  1. Olive Oil – Its not about turning to a zero oil diet because oil too is essential for our body. So go for olive oil or canola oil, which have monounsaturated fats, it reduces bad cholesterol and protects good cholesterol. It is also packed with huge amounts of anti-oxidants.
  2. Avocados – One of the best filling foods for our tummy, avocados are an unmatched source of vital nutrients, fiber and monounsaturated fats which helps slash the extra deposits on the belly in a quick and healthy way.
  3. Apples – Apple is a great watery food which is an amazing source of carbohydrates and dietary fiber. Apple being red in color, also contains large amounts of falvonoids, which ward off storage of fat on the midsection. This fruit is also a great hunger suppressant, so once you’ve had an apple, you can also keep away from the unhealthy munching besides the doctors!
  4. Almonds – A nut with loads of Vitamin E and proteins, almonds can be a great between the meals snack for you. Being rich in fiber, almonds are able curb the unnecessary and unhealthy eating. Have a fistful of them and you will not have cravings for another dose of snacks, plus the advantage of healthy calories.
  5. Cucumber – Another food with zero fat content, is also an extremely low calorie food. Makes an amazing salad, it is a watery vegetable which keeps you refreshed and full for a long time. Another good thing about cucumber is that you can even have it on-the-go, even without peeling. Just wash it well and have it like that.
  6. Green leafy vegetables – Storehouse of essential nutrients and fiber, green and leafy vegetables are a boon to all those on a weight loss regime. These must be a part of your meal at least once in a day since they are extremely low in calories, a great natural way of bidding goodbye to digestion related disorders and relieve your body of all the retained water.
  7. Beans – They are rich in protein and low in calories. Beans keep your stomach feeling full for a long time and hence make a great lunch! Besides helping to lose the extra pounds on your middle, they also help toning up the abs.
  8. Whole grains – An excellent as well as essential breakfast component, whole grains feed our system with vitamins, minerals and most importantly fiber and carbohydrates which is extremely fundamental for an effective, healthy and lasting weight loss. Whole grains and foods made with them successfully restrain desires for snacking which most of the times turns out to be unhealthy.
  9. Lean meat and fish – The process of digestion of protein in our body burns more calories when compared to any other food. Consume tuna fish, salmon fish or lean meats to which also have unsaturated fats, hence good for your belly. Moreover, these  types of fish are known for being a good source of OMEGA-3 which curtail stress chemicals that supposedly increase the fats around the abdominal area.
  10. Eggs – They must be a part of your diet if you are targeting a zero fat belly. Not only because it’s a storehouse of proteins, but also because it’s the finest source of choline. Choline is a nutrient which tackles gene mechanism which is the main culprit of storage of fat around the liver. Hence, including eggs in your breakfast is perhaps the best way to getting started with a belly fat cutting diet program.

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